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quality of a better programming language:

  • compiler is your Best Fren

quality of a worse programming language:

  • compiler is your Frenemy

The former:


The latter:

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isn't compiled.

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@Stark9837 it is

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@Stark9837 yep. line blurs. it compiles .py to some .pyc then runs/interprets the latter. looking for a local file cache of it if present etc. then of course yiu can also fully compile it to a native exe. then theres Jython etc etc

Java is "compiled" but to a VM bytecode. which is then interpreted and even JITed at runtime etc.

even the CPU just "interprets" what you give it and may swap out, cache or reorder etc

line blurs. turtles all the way down :-)

Gert, avatar

@synlogic You can add to the first list. ;-)

Stark9837, avatar

@Gert @synlogic

I just can't wrap my head around the way of thinking. It is such a difficult language for me to get into, just because of how you write it.

synlogic, avatar

@Stark9837 @Gert yeah I admire some of Haskell's qualities. like I admire some of Erlang's. but in both cases I just dont like their syntax

I really admire the power of Lisp's language syntax. basically getting to work directly in an AST, haha

but find that all the visual paren-sludge of a Lisp is a bigger cognitive burden than I'd prefer. something about the syntaxes of Go, Oython, C etc are all easier for my eyes/brain to quickly parse

Stark9837, avatar

@synlogic @Gert

I learned of it with the and blockchain, and it makes sense there. Similar to how I just don't like , because my head things in C++ with circuits and not and my code just isn't as good. I struggle to code my daily projects in , but blockchain made sense to me.

It's very weird, but it's different ways of thinking.

Stark9837, avatar

@synlogic @Gert

I have printet out and read it front to back probably 10 times and did all the exercises, but I just can't get into it for my personal projects and stuff I want.

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@Stark9837 Don't forget to give your brain some time off to reconfigure. Many of us needed several attempts. Also make use of the other learning resources.

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PS, is one place to find many of those resources.

Gert, avatar

@simonmic @Stark9837 there are a couple of new books out that do a better job at getting you started. ‘Effective Haskell’ is shaping up nicely. ‘Practical Haskell’ also seems to fit that bill. And some video series on Youtube could help, like

alios, avatar

For me the biggest difference (on an abstract level) between and imperative languages is to start designing and reasoning about the data(types) and how they are related and not to start on how and when things are executed.
@synlogic @Gert

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@Stark9837 @synlogic @Gert for me Learn you a Haskell was not enough I have read Will Kurt's Get Programming in Haskell to really grasp the (basics of) the language.

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