Good living room guitar/bass amps?

I've been playing guitar (and more recently bass) on and off for 15 years now. I've had a few combo amps and a Yamaha THR-X at some point as living room amps.
A while ago I sold most of my instruments, keeping only 1 guitar, 1 bass, and my live bass rig.
I'm trying to get back into guitar and bass playing at home, so I'm looking for an affordable way to do so.
I presume there is new gear out that I'm not aware off.
I'm looking for some cheap modeling amps or similar options that I could also use my bass on. (I still have some bass pedals, so effect options for bass are not a priority).

Any recommendations?

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It depends what you're looking for as far as bells and whistles but if I were you I'd start scouring every pawn shop in a 10 mile radius of your house and see what you can find. Peavey solid state amps seem be indestructible but usually not many options. I had a lot of fun with my Line 6 Spider III back in the day, and the fender frontman series was also decent from my recollection

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I have a Crate 2x12 I found at a pawn shop so this person speaks truth. I've seen so many good amps floating around in pawn shops. Most of them pretty cheap.

OP though, I've always leaned toward simple amps myself and just added pedals for effects I needed. I typically just need a good distortion, but I like to mess about with things so I have one of those cheaper combo pedal things. It does amp modeling and all that so I can attest to them working well with the sound and power of the amp I have. Love the tones I can get out of it with my AX7521.

EDIT: Just noticed the age of the post. Sorry.


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