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One of my favorite bands right now is Hermanos Gutierrez, an instrumental band from Zurich. They are two brothers of Ecuadorian/Swiss heritage.

Their sound is dark, slow, and somber. They craft beautiful rhythms with latin influence, but it’s not latin music. It’s quite unique.

I’m stoked for their new record, slated to be released in June.

More on the band:

More on the new record:

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The great Dickey Betts. Gone. RIP.

He wrote the seminal Allman Brothers hit, “Ramblin’ man”, among many others.

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Guitar of the Day

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Charlie Christian, a true innovator in and music in general. Credited with being the first to play improvised solos with an amplified using single notes to solo much like a saxophone would. He changes the role of guitar from just a rhythm instrument to a soloist. This album with the Bennie Goodman band are recordings from 1939-1942. Christian died in 1942 at age 25 from tuberculosis.

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Guitar of the Day

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Alright, Fediverse, let's talk Tubescreamers. I got asked a question regarding the famous FS "hump" which got sent down a rabbit hole of measurements and guess what, YOU get to benefit from my hyperfixation. "tbg," you ask, "how do you have time for this with your job, and kid, and touring?" I FUCKING DON'T, SHUT UP AND READ THE THREAD AND DON'T TELL MY BOSS

(Also, apologies, no alt text, but I describe each pic in the post)

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Guitar of the Day

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I need to find the will to bash through feeling sad and wanting to just lie around and goof off.
I want to record another cover for YouTube, but I'm just not feeling motivated.
I don't know whether I can blame the eclipse. Or the "I appreciate your effort" comment I got recently. (I'm really vain, and faint praise saps my will.)

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I have four #guitar amps and only one pair of hands...but I don't have an amp with 6L6 power tubes.

How can I live like this?

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is the fretting forearm perpendicular to the neck, or does it angle from the body toward the headstock?

I'm putting the guitar on my left leg and have found recently that switching from the former to teh latter, bringing my elbow in and letting my left hand angle so that my pinkie curls more than my index finger helps everything relax more.

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Guitar of the Day

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Happy 79 birthday to the legendary guitarist Ritchie Blackmore (Deep Purple, Rainbow)!

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If I were a rich man. Yaba dibba dibba dibba dibba dibba dibba dum...

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: :

Frank Zappa - 'Waka/Jawaka' (1972) (1988 remaster)

's switch to some sort of jazzfusion. Complex time signatures, awesome soloing, brass, modular moog, , hallucinations, other weird stuff: another most enjoyable album.

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British guitarist analyses Danny Gatton's wealth of technique AND groove!

Wings of Pegasus
[Fil Henley]

Though this video is five years old, it only came up in my Youtube suggestions today. A lot better late than never.

Link to Original Video

Some other Wings of Pegasus videos may be found by searching on Mastodon's wingsofpegasus hashtag.



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It was a low-energy #SaturdayMorningGuitar this morning, but I persevered and played a bit of my own stuff, plus some older bits like Toto, Joanie, Lightfoot and even some country songs which I don't like but somehow enjoy playing - lol.


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Davy Knowles & Tyler Bryant - Live at The Rams Head On Stage 6/25/23 "Cortez The Killer"

#music #guitar

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Michael Landau & Eric Johnson - "Renegade Destruction" Live at the House of Blues Houston Texas. April 6, 2024

#music #guitar

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Eric Gales - Little Wing - Dublin Whelan’s 2017

#music #guitar

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Jack Gardiner - Red Light Hell - U.T.F.F

#music #guitar

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Jack Ruch - Live in Washington D.C

#music #guitar

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Zakk Wylde - Summer 1991 in Adrian MI

#music #guitar

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