Kind of impulse bought a used Jackson Soloist SL5X. Can't seem to find much of anything online about it. All the articles talk about the SL3. What is the difference?

From what little I can find the SL5X and SL3 are essentially the same guitar except the 5x has HSH pickup configuration and is manufactured in Indonesia.

Can anyone clarify for me a bit more on the differences between these two guitars?

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Update from Fender. The SL5X was a fender special run that featured an HSH pickup configuration and blue burst finish. Other than that it's the same as a series x soloist.

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I don’t know anything about Jackson guitars. But typically made in Indonesia, and sold at a lower price point, would mean more likely to need some of the basic setup tasks mentioned in your other thread.

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Hopefully it's already been taken care of. It is used and bought from a music store. I guess there's no way of knowing until it's here

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