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Messing around with the Keeley Angry Orange distortion/fuzz pedal. Great clarity with hearing every string on open chords in major fuzz settings. Quite impressive. Lots of tonal possibilities.

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I’ve created a music-focused alt: @matteblack — feel free to follow me there. I’ll post about metal but also a lot of other adjacent and semi-adjacent genres too (entirely likely anything tbh).

I’ll probably start sharing some of my own music too but don’t let that put you off! #Music #Metal #Guitars

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If you like or play rock guitar and you've never heard of these guys then I suggest you make up for lost time:

#guitar #guitars #music #guitarplayer #guitarist #classicrock #rock #rocknroll #musicians #musician #gearsquad #acoustic #acousticGuitar #electricGuitar

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Does anybody know where I can get genuine Gibson parts (specifically bridge/pickup covers/tuning pegs) for an LP Custom Red Wine?

The local guitar shop is struggling to get them and I'm not convinced the ones I can find online are actually genuine; I was hoping to sell it and buy something a bit more appropriate for someone that only plays at home but the metal parts are quite corroded and polishing is not going to cut it...

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A free and easy to use online tuner for acoustic #guitars electric guitars, bass guitars or ukuleles. This tuner uses your microphone to detect the pitch played –

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Behind the scenes of a full tour of the Martin Guitar Factory. Filmed a year ago by the Elderly Instruments team. See the craftsmanship, and meet the people that make Martin Guitars legendary.
Amazing craftmanship every step of the way.

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Beautiful couple, isn’t it? 😍🥰

2022 Gibson Dove Original
1993 Gibson Les Paul Classic Plus

Dove has L.R.Baggs M1 passive pickup
Les Paul has Bill Lawrence L-490 in neck and L-500L in bridge position and an ABM Les Trem 😎

Rupprecht Geiger in the background 🥰
@gibsunday @gibsonguitar

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There's gonna be so much new & cool guitar gear out of in the next week, but nothing is gonna have me excited as finally revamping their Pacifica range of .

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Today I traded my 2013 black Squier Vintage Modified Telecaster Custom for a 2013 black Squier Vintage Modified Cabronita Telecaster with factory installed licenced Bigsby. Kind of a rare animal. Has a Fender Fideli'Tron humbucker neck pickup and standard Tele single coil in the bridge. Pretty good tuning stability with the Bigsby so far. Neck pickup has a Gretsch Filtertron vibe. Pics are my old Tele Custom and the new Cabronita.


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A few more pics of the Cabronita.


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I'm thinking of doing an early 80s style B&W print & mail 'zine about.... Small print runs, maybe one interview & one article per issue with whatever else catches my fancy. A couple of bucks for a subscription... Keep it real low-fi DIY but with good content. Mostly for fun and for the cool factor...

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Two of my favourite guitarists Kenny Vaughan and Tommy Emmanuel jam at Carter Vintage Guitars. Amazing.

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Been putting this off for a few days, but here goes nothing.

My name is Kaylie, though many just call me Fox. I’m a 36 going on 13 year old trans girl originally from the desert now residing in the Midwest with my girlfriend Wednesday and our three cats, Mia, Nala and Harley.

This account is my alt, with my main being found at @LavenderPawprints. Expect some cross posting between the two, with longer posts coming from this one thanks to the much larger character limitations. Also expect this one to be somewhat more personal at times.

I’m ,, , hard of hearing, struggle with mental health and a bunch of other little things, but I prefer not to have my worth weighed out by the extensiveness of my disability and challenge list. To me, life is life and we all godda make the best of what we got.

So what are my interests?

Well, I’m a who writes and records my own . I play mostly , and , but can hold my own with other things like percussions and the like. I can’t really play any wind instruments though. I done smoked too much in my time. :P

I play everything from , to , to , and inspired to to and everything in between.

I also love reading and writing, mostly fantacy and science-fiction, but will read just about anything if it’s something that sounds good.

Academically, I study generative as well as . I’m a strong supporter of and and believe with all my heart that kids are an oppressed minority who deserve to be able to show us all that they are capable of much more than just being those tag-alongs that so many parents treat them as. is a very valid form of education that doesn’t oppress youths but gives them the freedom to choose their own path and inform themselves through self-directed learning and play. Trust me, I can wax poetic about this stuff for hours. 😊

Though I don’t have kids myself, something that causes a lot of emotional distress to me, I’m still a supporter of and live the ethics in practice. Kids, to me are as equal as anyone else. The only thing that separates us is lived experience and age.

I’m also a casual who has considered streaming on and off for a while but has never actually done so. I play with a lot of emulators too and love reliving the old days.

I do make some from time-to-time using Stable Diffusion, though admittedly I haven’t been as active on that front lately due to mental health burnout.

Also love , , when I actually have the money to pay for streaming services, and are fun too when the allows me to sit still long enough to get through one.

Other things that matter to me are making and keeping real . I’d rather have a few really solid people to call family than have a bunch of people who aren’t as in it for good as me.

I’m also a and am very pro , like my and from time-to-time, and I’m a recovering addict who has over six years clean from most things that nearly claimed my life. I fully appreciate the struggles of , and will always listen to anyone who may be struggling or who needs someone who understands.

I judge absolutely no one for anything beyond observable behavior. I mean that too. I don’t judge anyone anything.

Am a drinker and lover, I love , and I’m always doing experimental mad scientist things in the kitchen.

I also identify as a long-time , though the community has grown stagnant, too commercialized and for public consumption in recent years. Some would probably say that my whiskers are grey, for all the time I’ve been around in one form or another. That’s to say, I’ve seen a lot in the furry fandom, and where it’s at now just makes me sad because it’s not like it used to be.

Otherwise, anything you may wish to know is always a DM away. I’m very approachable, or at least I try to be. The only dumb questions are the ones you don’t ask. As such, I invite your curiosity.

Just remember, , , live love and laugh, and know that for as cold and as dark as this world can be, there’s still to be found.

Much love and hope to make new friens and reconnect with old ones out here.

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Hello! Introduction time.

I dropped off of mainstream social media a few years ago, and didn’t get on with my first foray into the Fediverse (I joined one of the big servers that was just another outrage engine).

I’ve been looking for an oasis of positivity and I hope I’ve found it here.

I’ll talk about anything with interesting people, but I like , , , and .

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Pondering. Modern or Progressive NX6 ? The compound neck of the Suhr appeals, don’t have one of those. But the shape of the NX6 intrigues. 🤔

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I must not buy , , or in 2024. We need new flooring for the house… SO BORING!!!

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What percentage of buy and play them by themselves in their room, almost never with anyone else?

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If today was your last day at work, and they just said, "Hey Man, you've been a great employee, just pick something off the wall to take with you", which guitar out of the whole store, would you pick? What is it?" #Guitars #FreeGuitar

Which one would you pick? 🤔​

@GuitarSith @Offroadrj

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Guitar pedal people, check out these great-sounding budget units ($99!!!) from ALABS in Indonesia:

#GuitarPedals #guitars #budget #reverb #delay #modulation #affordaboard

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