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I wonder if you can make this Ikea instrument with a dozen or so wire coat hangers

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mk_rexx, to diy avatar

Oh my gosh. What have I just created?

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It's so bad but pretty much expected with how much nothing I have to make this. Here's me struggling to play this thing. 'Twas fun.

Playing a very crudely made tin can fretless ukulele, using a capo as a slide.

mk_rexx, avatar

I restringed it and tied some thinner nylon cord as frets, like you would tie gut frets on lutes. They're roo sliperry to stay in place but I think it's starting to sound more palatable and I can play chords now!
(Tuning is mandolin's GDEA)

Playing a crudely made tin can ukulele. Highlighted at the beginning are three nylon cords tyed to the neck to act as frets.

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Behind the scenes of a full tour of the Martin Guitar Factory. Filmed a year ago by the Elderly Instruments team. See the craftsmanship, and meet the people that make Martin Guitars legendary.
Amazing craftmanship every step of the way.
#guitars #martinguitars #craftmanship #instruments

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MWNautilus, to opensource German avatar
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I'll be coming through Oakland, CA in mid Feb. While I'm there I'll be hosting Sound Hackers at Circuit Launch with my friend Beau. It's part "bring-a-hack" projects on tables and part short talks/demos/performance.

Like bleeps and bloops? Like making things? Come along!

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I took the [Bell Piano] out into the snow.
Stay warm everyone!


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Some cool stuff I've read about this week:

Simple and small git hosting by @maddiefuzz

Super simple git hosting over ssh by @voxel

scanning made from a defective BluRay player:
Via @MWNautilus

PacketIRC: A lightweight IRC terminal server that will let radio-based clients participate on IRC without the usual flood of silliness by @VY1JN

Dungeons and Directories is a short text adventure game that you play in your file browser.
Via @bearstech

Nasir Gebelli, an Iranian-American programmer and video game designer (Final Fantasy I - III)
Story and biography

[tbd] ITSACAMP 2024 is happening on 5-6-7 July 2024 at Het Groeneveld, Amsterdam.

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It's criminal that the is the last major system in the that provides free to its students.

My siblings and I all had free access to instruments and instruction here in back in the 70's, and that seemed to be a nationwide standard in most places.

I hate conservatism, neoliberalism and their selfishness and greed.



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This week, we hosted at @LAM_Marseille ( / / @cnes) an workshop to organise and plan the future ground-based follow-up observations of 's upcoming mission.

The follow-up observations will aim at characterising the mass of transiting discovered by this mission, down to analogs. This will mainly be done with state-of-the-art and at , in .


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My kid plays drums and used to play electric guitar. My spouse is getting back into guitar and is picking up the mountain dulcimer.

My musical instrument is... nothing. I used to sing in a capella choir in JH through college. I learned piano for a while.

Feeling a bit left out of the family band. Bass guitar sounds fun? Some of my favorite vocalists played bass.

Good idea? Bad idea?

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@deadparrot thanks for the nice talk at . Esp. the proposal to think about how the data flows through the app was helping me a lot in the past to improve my based Web service quite a lot. Still need to check for "unnecessary" memory allocations as I'm running in a constrained embedded context... will research a bit more and if I found something will likely blog about it :)

appelgriebsch, avatar

@deadparrot if you are on and want to trace your applications there is a cargo plugin that is able to create trace files....

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Oh. Pianoverse from IK Multimedia sounds good.

Overview video from HiFiMiDi at

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zhang.dianli, to books

I guess it's a form of , but when I have nice I like to pair them with nice . With the glut of pieces I've bought this year, I ran out of bookmarks and decided to get a couple of more sets.

Here is presented a set of depictions of of China, and a set of reproductions of the .

A set of ten bookmarks with reproductions of the murals found in the Dunhuang Caves. A lot of Chinese Buddhist mythology and symbolism is found in these, arguably the oldest and most important archaeological finds related to Buddhism in China.

Rihilism, to music avatar

Between sets at Chicago's Green Mill Jazz Club.

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donutshoes, to guitar avatar

Here are some guitars I've built over the past few years. The necks, freboards, and fretting were all done from scratch. Most of these have been commissions. All the hardware (tuners, pickups, bridges, strings) I buy from CBGitty.

A 3 string guitar made from a tin lunch box, painted black with a white pentagram on it
A 2 string bass guitar made from a pink tin pencil case that has Rapidash from Pokemon on it
A 2 string guitar made out of a candy tin, painted with the Wonderville logo

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