I have a home rig, which is modeler-based and on which i play whatever i like in that moment, few ODs, Mooer Preamp Model x2 and TC’s FB2 and HoF2 I mainly play a general purpose NickJohnston-oriented modded mim strat with a jbjr in the bridge tuned in Eb, but also a prs se standard 22 with a kluson paf pickup in the neck and a JB in the bridge for the heavier stuff and lower tunings I have an Ibanez S1 xxv aniversary with pink dimarzio evolutions in the bridge and neck tuned to E standard which is the “practice/study/school-guitar”, but i find myself playing it quite seldom

In my rehearsal room i have a peavey 6505mh running into a hb212 with v30s, here i mostly play ambient or heavy stuff with a Cort M600 in dropC and use a boss ch-1 and a carbon copy along the amp built-in reverb for effects

I don’t think i’m very good at playing guitar, i’m a drummer primarily, but i’m always learning new stuff and i love a lot of genres, even though i tend to gravitate towards stoner/nu-metal/grunge stuff when i write/jam


My main guitar is an Epiphone SG with GFS Pro Series pickups, and my amp is a Line 6 Catalyst with a POD Go for additional effects. For the most part I play alternative rock, running the Clean channel totally clean with a Vox-esque tone for light dirt and full-on high gain for heavier stuff. Generally I run my amp channels treble-heavy, though I still like to keep some lows and mids in the signal for balance, and through the POD I run the studio compressor, octave fuzz, chorus and digital delay models with the 4 cable method.


My main two guitars are a G&L s500 and a Godin nylon multiac. Amplification is a bit unconventional; I use a Roland KC 350 (or go DI if playing elsewhere), so I aim to get all the tone before the amp.

I play on the blues to rock spectrum with the G&L and go through a Boss OD-200 and an Award-Session Sessionmaster JD10. For folk and other stuff I use the Godin through a VG-88. There are other pedals.

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My main is a PRS Custom 24-08 SE. Also have an Epiphone ES-335 Figured (Inspired By Gibson line), a Deluxe Strat Plus, and a Samick KJ-560 (the pointy headstock) upgraded with EMGs. I’m a pretty generic beginnermediate blues/rock dad type of player. I like to play Rocksmith 2014, and use a Radial Bigshot ABY to play through my own rig, as that has really helped with things like muting and selective string picking (as well as dialing in tones) versus just using the game audio.

My amp is an Orange Crush 35rt, but I also use a Fender Mustang Micro for late practice. I generally play through the dirty channel with the gain low and volume knob on my guitar rolled back. The EQ is set to emphasize mids then treble, bass is low but present.

My pedalboard is posted over in !guitarpedals (share yours too!).

FYI there’s a !guitaramps community, too.


@baronvonj @JoumanaKayrouz Nice gear! How do you like your Epi 335? How long have you had it? I’ve always wanted a Gibson 335 but it won’t be in my budget for the foreseeable future (damn mortgage interest rates) so I’m considering an Epi one. Thanks

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I’ve had it about 18 months. Feels great, sounds great. I think I need to adjust the pickup heights though, as the volume between the two is a bit further apart than I’d like.


Omg you have 18 pedals! I’m a dad and I’ve been playing for 21 years. I have 2 pedals. You gotta do what you enjoy, I get that, but holy shit!

baronvonj, avatar

… I have 18? My wife might be right. 😂 In my defense, I’ve had the Vox Wah since high school ('93 ish) and the three Danelectros since mid-college (like '98 or '99). The Pitch Fork, Soul Food, RC-5, Tremolo, Micro Flanger, Phase 95, Carcosa, and most of the cost of the El Capistan were all gifts for birthday, father’s day, and christmas over the last 2-3 years. Playing Rocksmith through my rig has been motivational to get the variety of pedals to try and get comparable tones. I suppose getting a DI and Amplitube or a DAW would have been another route, but I like being able to just reach out and tweak the knobs.

I would sign up for lessons but we’re putting our son in School of Rock (drums) so it’s Professor YouTube for me.


Mostly a Strat (I switch between my Mex and Standard), sometimes a Squier Tele; I play mostly early Gilmour-style, so before Dark Side Of The Moon, though I also play weird stuff depending on mood.

Since I couldn’t record my Amp without the audio being harsh, I switched to Strymon Iridium, and now I’ve integrated two NuTube-based pedals in my setup. So the signal chain is: MXR 108 Fuzz (optional) -> Blues Driver -> Delay or Modulation -> Vox Copperhead (in Preamp-mode) -> Iridium (bass is basically at 9o clock, Middle+Treble at 1 or 2) -> Korg Power Tube Reactor (Power Sag at 9 o’clock, same for Tube Gain) -> Reverb -> Strymon Deco.

I still need to experiment with it, as I need to remake my own backing tracks, which means I need to turn the knobs for my guitar pedals again. But yeah, it’s probably the most contrived setup.


HH Les Paul tribute, Revstar, or Jazzmaster with singles (almost 100% of the time on the rhythm circuit). I just ordered a Dunable Cyclops in March with a Direwolf in the bridge and Slugwolf in the neck but that hasn’t come in yet.

For a pedal platform in my jangly post rock/shoegazey songs I usually play through either a Vox AC15 or Roland JC40 as a super clean platform that I can push around with the pedals. For dirty amps I play either Orange Terror > PPC212 for slower, doomy sludgy stuff or EVH 5150 > EVH 212 for faster, technical progressive metal type stuff.

Pedal wise I usually run a wah, 3-4 drives, 2 delays and 2 verbs. Crybaby bass wah (cuz I like how the treadle bounces back up) Usually a light drive (EHX Soul Food or SD-1 or something) to color a clean amp or push a dirty amp, a big muff (usually either a Tone Wicker or a Green Russian clone), and then a super nasty fuzz for ultimate doom (I love the EQD Eruptor). Then a Nu-X Space Echo, TC electronic HOF II, MXR Carbon Copy, and Boss RV5 for all the spacey stuff.

I also have a Helix floor rig I use for my cover bands and gigging but I basically just use it to recreate my physical amps and pedals and make it easier to gig so I don’t have to lug aaaaall that out of the studio

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Ordered a Jackson Soloist which will be here today. Ordering a Positive Grid Spark 40 in the next couple of days. I imagine I'll use downloaded presets for the Spark 40 that resemble popular thrash metal setups since that's mostly what I play. But I will also browse other presets.

I just jam in my bedroom for funsies. No plans to play shows or anything.


I play either a Yamaha Revstar HH, or a Fender Player Strat SSS for the most part. I use a tube screamer and keep my Fender Deluxe 90 at Bass 8, Mids: 5, Treb: 8. I play mostly classic rock style. Sometimes I throw my HSS Godin Exit 22 into the mix.


I’m intrigued with the preset stuff. I was looking into the Boss Katana 50 Mk2, but I don’t like the idea of having to hook it up to a computer.

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The Spark40 has an app and Bluetooth. You just control everything from your phone. Check out some YouTube reviews

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