ace_garp, avatar

Prompt: Woodstock 2099, portaloo


That’s image ain’t right.


The wet dream of the owner class.

HotDogFingies avatar

That is, um, terrifying.

Deceptichum, avatar

God dang it Bobby.


6 AM and already the boy ain’t right

BlueEther, avatar

I would like to know the prompt/workflow for this.

It’s a bit of a shame that the AI was having a hallucination or three with some of the body parts.


Something like “a lot of people trying to climb out of deep, muddy water”

BlueEther, avatar

not as ‘dark’ as it the image - some times AI can produce some weird stuff

ChewbaccasClitoris, avatar

I think I must’ve missed this episode.

Crackhappy, avatar



Cool at a distance, eldritch horror nightmare when zoomed in.


I know. That one where the first person’s wrist just flows into the next person’s ankle.

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