Illegal sand mining inflicts environmental damage in India – DW – 12/27/2023 (

Demand for sand has risen dramatically in recent decades, thanks in large part to its crucial role in construction. In the Indian state of Goa, sand mafias are illegally extracting the resource from riverbeds, beaches and open pits, causing major environmental challenges.

Control + All or Delete: The Draft Broadcast Bill Is a Blueprint for Censorship (

The “central government” wants to drag independent news into a censor board framework. No independent regulation is proposed. The government is everywhere and in control. The dubious ‘3-tier’ regulatory structure proposed is recycled out of IT Rules 2021, which has been stayed by two high courts.

Facing pressure in India, Netflix and Amazon back down on daring films (

'Today, a culture of self-censorship pervades the streaming industry here, manifesting in ways both dramatic and subtle. Executives at the India offices of Netflix and Prime Video and their lawyers ask for extensive changes to rework political plots and remove passing references to religion that might offend the Hindu right wing...

How an Indian startup hacked the world (

Appin was a leading Indian cyberespionage firm that few people even knew existed. A Reuters investigation found that the company grew from an educational startup to a hack-for-hire powerhouse that stole secrets from business titans, politicians, military officials and wealthy elites around the globe. Appin alumni went on to form...

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