There's no one at the rudder for the moment it seems. At kbin that is. I fear most people are going to be leaving over this sooner than later...


I was guessing that could be the issue, but even if there's little moderation I still wanted to know the best way to report :)

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I know the admin here recently had a minor surgery. I'm hoping for some kind of solution for when normal life stuff keeps him away. Like a few people just in charge of getting rid of spammers and worse people.

snooggums avatar

I will be registering elsewhere to see if the experience is any better. I really like the overall direction and design of kbin, but things have been dragging on updates and improvements.

For example, my settings are identical as far as I can tell between desktop and mobile, but my mobile feed is generally hitting day old on the first page while desktop has several pages of more recent content. I walked through the settings side by side and they appear identical.

But I haven't reported it or searched to see if someone else has because of the absence making the effort to document and report less urgent.

I'll keep my account of course and keep an eye out if it picks back up because do like the browser based interface and the combo of lemmy and mastodon in a single feed.

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I, personally, have been blocking the users submitting the spam. This isn't a good solution, but it does clear my feed out and make it so that I forget the spam is there until I see another user I need to block.

The other thing I have been doing is submitting content to my favorite magazines - if we actively engage the mags, we can force the spam down.


Yeah I am blocking too but wanted to help remove the accounts by reporting if I can. I should become more active but after years of inactivity in social networks it's hard to start again.


I do this, too, and I've been wishing there were a setting I could set where kbin would just auto-hide content submitted by accounts that have been blocked by at least X other accounts.

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The only way to resolve this situation is to get Ernest to delegate some of the instance moderation and amount. Every other path forward leads to failure.


Question: How do you block users? I'm relatively new to kbin.


If you're on a desktop (or other large screen), click on the user name to go to their user page and there's a block button in the sidebar on the right. If you're on a mobile device (or other small screen), go to their user page and the block button should be prominent on the right of the "follow" button.

livus, (edited )
livus avatar

They seem to only be in very specific mags like fediverse, tech, and science. All of which have many subscribers but only have @ernest as their mod (I think science has another but they're absent).

I think the short-term solution is a) to get a few more mods on these

and b) for now I subscribe to technology instead of tech and something on another instance called fediverse_press instead of fediverse


@Yprum @losttourist @snooggums


Yes I was noticing that trend with the specific mags, but was also wondering if it was just the ones I'm following and others have it but I don't see it

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@Yprum I don't think so, because I sort by All/new fairly regularly (which is when I see these ones).


I take a perverse sort of a pleasure in sorting by new and playing spambot whak-a-mole.


I would be lying if I said I don't get some pleasure of downvoting every post on those accounts with spam :)


Boy have I got a community for you, then: !internet

Ever wanted to know how to spe@k to a p3rson at front!er @irlines? Now’s your big chance…

@RobotToaster@mander.xyz avatar

I report them but I don’t know if reports federate from lemmy to kbin.

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@RobotToaster let's do an experiment, come and report a test comment on one of my kbin communities...

@RobotToaster@mander.xyz avatar

Sure, tell me what comm and I’ll do it.

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@RobotToaster@mander.xyz avatar


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@RobotToaster ok looks like nothing showed up!

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You can easily report if you're using kbin website, don't know how it works if you're using an app. You just hover over the "more" link and a dropdown appears with "Report" as the first option.

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You can report. Whether it actually does anything is a different question


Yeah of course, but at least I will feel like I did what I could to bring attention to those accounts if anything would be done.


Aaaah thanks so much... I feel dumb now XD
I never thought of checking that, I was kinda looking for a way to report the user itself, not the post... I will start doing this too.

I'm using the webpage from the browser by the way.

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