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So good:) /

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If you haven't heard, sadly, , one of the popular “groups” platform, is shutting down “probably” on February 29th.

In an email they sent to admins, the owner and developer can no longer support https://chirp.social financially as they failed to find a new job after they were laid off by last year.

So, if you have a Chirp.Social groups, either move to (https://a.gup.pe) (as suggested by Chirp.Social), or if I may, to (https://fedia.io), an [flagship] instance.

This reminds us the importance of having a built-in groups feature, and one where the groups feature actually federates.

Back in 2008, when the was born, we did have a built-in federated groups in / (today known as ). We used bang (!) instead of at (@). A built-in groups feature is more stable as established instances can host them.

Today, we have and (as well as -based instances) to fill in that, as groups is a built-in feature in those software products. It's just a matter of finding an instance that's open to hosting groups for any topic for the ActivityPub protocol.

That said, any Friendica, Hubzilla, Streams-based instances you suggest for groups?

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@youronlyone and are all about federated groups. Lemmy also uses the ! Notation

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Die ursprünglichen 'e im gelten schon länger als und die scheinbare alternative Lösung hat nun integriert und schnuppern die aus. Die wahre finden wir wieder im Fediverse und sind ua / so wie . Ja das ist viel mehr als nur und Co und kommuniziert nicht nur auf einem Server, sondern in der (ihr kennt es evt schon)

💬 https://kbin.pub
💬 https://github.com/MbinOrg/mbin
🐭 https://join-lemmy.org

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Large AI company is paying about $60 million for access to Reddit (YOUR content) so it can train its AI models

Fediverse does have open source alternatives like lemmy, kbin, mbin etc that you can try

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Hello ! I'm signing up on every fediverse site I can find to try all the different interfaces, features, and wacky combinations the open web has to offer. I'll probably be sharing my findings on WriteFreely or Plume after a while. I apologize in advance for any weirdness that may result from my experiments. 😅

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Hello again , I may need your . So, here's a list of the Fediverse software I'm about to make temporary accounts for to test all the features and differences:

So, did I miss anything noteworthy? Does anyone have any tips or recommendations before I choose a server for any one of these? I'll probably be going for the most popular server on each for improved federation and maintenance.

Note: I'm using right now and Misskey forks are already overrepresented, so that's why it's not included.

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The spam attack is pretty interesting as a single user instance owner. Unless someone I follow on interacts with a spam post, I don't get to see it. Consequently, I don't think I've seen a single one via Mastodon.

I use Mastodon to follow a bunch of and communities though, which function when viewed by Mastodon as a user boosting every post to their community. Therefore I'm seeing a lot of posts that way (before blocking and reporting).

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If you've ever posted anything on Reddit, your words are going to be sucked up into an "AI" database. The people who profit from this are Reddit and the "AI" company.

What do you get? Screwed, again, by tech companies that have pure contempt for your privacy and rights.


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I really want to be done with Reddit like I am with the bird site but the alternative in just isn't working --- the other alternative is run by some unsavory characters so I'm not going there....

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Has anyone patched either Mastodon or Lemmy so that Lemmy's posts display the whole article in your Mastodon feed yet? At this point it seems like it might be as "simple" as changing the post type from "article" to "note" since Mastodon is now able to display a good amount of formatting and stuff inline

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@liaizon as you alluded to in your reply, WP gets around this by assuming type as:Note which I disagree with from a protocol fragmentation standpoint. It implicitly acknowledges Mastodon as the dominant player with clout to change the behaviour of others, and I stand against it.

will send type as:Page (like and ), and we will work with @article_interop (and hopefully @pfefferle) to encourage Mastodon to handle it properly by modelling the appropriate behaviour.

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is a mostly great Reddit-Like service that collects the fediverse into one place. That is an issue because there are servers out there which post illegal stuff. My day was ruined by reporting those who post that gross, illegal content! 🤢

I'm probably going to play No Man's Sky for the rest of today to get over the icky and uncomfortable feeling that pervades my mind. Especially since I'm still trying to complete the Living Starship Quest.

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Some sage scifi: community lessons in a post-Reddit universe. It’s been eight months since the Reddit blackout. We didn’t know what to expect last June, but we did know that Reddit jumped the shark of Internet relevance.

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Explore our article: You say you want a revolution: help the free, fair, and friendly Fediverse destroy Big Social. https://symfonystation.mobileatom.net/Fediverse :fediverse: :mastodon:

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Us sitting here with our fiber internet and recent model phones have it pretty good. But the “i” in iPhone stands for “inequality”. Most people in the world still have pretty bad internet and old/slow phones. For a platform to be widely adopted and to serve the needs of those who often miss out, it needs to be frugal in network and cpu usage.

Lemmy Kbin PieFed
Home page 4.5 MB 1.65 MB 700 KB – 930 KB
Viewing a post 360 KB 826 KB (varies) 29 KB

Home pages

Due to Lemmy’s javascript-heavy software architecture, visiting a Lemmy home page involves downloading . And this only gets you 20 posts! Also community thumbnails, even if displayed as a 22px by 22px icon are served directly from their home instances, unresized, which can often be multiple megabytes in size. The home page of lemmy.nz is currently weighing over 9 MB.

Kbin’s home page comes in at a respectable 1.65 MB due to relying less on JavaScript. However it is let down by not using loading=”lazy” on images so they all need to be loaded immediately and by generating post thumbnails that are twice as big as they need to be.

The PieFed home page, showing 5x more posts than Lemmy, weighs between 700 and 930 KB, depending on which posts are shown. In low bandwidth mode, the home page is only 220 KB due to not having any thumbnails.

Viewing posts

When viewing a post, we can assume various assets (CSS, JS and some images) are cached due to loading the home page first.

The picture looks similar when viewing a post, which is a bit surprising. One of the usual benefits of the JS-heavy SPA architecture used by Lemmy is that once all the ‘app’ is loaded into the browser, subsequent pages only involve a small API call. However, going to a page in Lemmy involves two API calls (one for the page and one for the comments) both of which return quite a bit of data. If you look at the ‘get the comments on this post’ JSON response you can see the developers have fallen into the classic SPA pitfall of “over-fetching“. They’re retrieving a whole haystack from the backend and then using JavaScript to find the needle they want, which involves transferring the haystack over the internet. Ideally the backend would find the needle and just send that to the frontend.

Kbin sends more data than it needs to when viewing a post, again because of not using loading=”lazy” which causes every profile picture of the commenters to be loaded at once. Making this simple fix would bring the weight down, from ~800 KB to around 50 KB.

PieFed only sends 10 KB – 30 KB to show a post, but it varies depending on the number and length of comments. This could be reduced even more by minifying the HTML response but with PieFed under active development I prefer the source to be as readable as possible to aid in debugging.

This is no accident. It is the result of choices made very early on in the development process, well before any code was written. These choices were made based on certain priorities and values which will continue to shape PieFed in the future as it grows. In a world where digital access remains unequal, prioritizing accessible and fast-loading websites isn’t just about technology; it’s a step towards a more inclusive and equitable society.


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VIsto che sto provando , ho pensato bene di mettere in piedi una specie di nuovo blogghetto. Il primo post lo trovate qui:


In teoria dovreste poter seguire gli aggiornamenti tramite @ulaulanotepad direttamente da qualunque account federato.
Spero questa cosa funzioni (i post che vanno al gruppo di astronomia su li vedo anche qui sulla mia timeline mastodontica, per esempio).

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Welche Alternativen gibt es denn gerade?
Ich habe und auf dem Schirm und habe nur ein unbestimmtes Gefühl dass es an Lemmy viel Kritik gab, vielleicht auch an Kbin. Habt ihr mir da mehr Infos?

Hintergrund: Ich würde r/fellnasen auch gerne hier im Fediverse haben. Die Community hier ist wahrscheinlich sehr klein aber einen Versuch wäre es ja wert.

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@moanos Lemmy wird von bekannten Tankies und Antisemiten geschrieben und betrieben. Der Autor wurde von r/socialism gebannt nachdem er Nazi-Literatur beworben hat: https://raddle.me/f/lobby/96713/heads-up-the-tankie-behind-lemmy-ml-got-banned-from-r

Zudem ist er aktiver Klimaleugner und CCP-Schill, der auch für die "Umerziehung" der Uyghuren Werbung macht.

Würde empfehlen.

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Why do you like Mastodon (or any open source Fediverse app of your choosing) the most? (You can choose multiple choices)

Boosts appreciated for reach.

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@rolle Actually one of the coolest features is federation and the possibility to interact with other non-Mastodon Fediverse platforms as well, like , , (when using the ActivityPub plugin), , , etc. So in most cases there's no need to create a separate account on the other platform.

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Feels good to bring on of my favourite features to - domain blocking!


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Having host (and therefore own) the conversation space on any subject is ridiculous. But the way & work presents the same problem. Basically they are not really decentralized etc. But if there were no communities/magazines, if hashtags only served that sorting function, and we instead merged the best parts of those conversation tools with the decentralized feed of etc, we'd have something better than the closed corporate silos could ever provide.

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Una storia del fediverso finita male spiegata bene da poliverso


"Kbin era un progetto fantastico e il suo sviluppatore merita il nostro rispetto.

Purtroppo Kbin ha subito una tempesta perfetta che lo ha travolto: è nato nel momento sbagliato; anzi, è nato in un momento troppo giusto, poco prima che la migrazione da Reddit raggiungesse il suo apice"

  • era troppo acerbo e troppo bello allo stesso tempo: gli utenti si accorsero di quanto fosse bello e vi si tuffarono in massa"
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@fedifaschifo A me pare che l'ultimo commit sul repository ufficiale


realizzato dal programmatore che ha creato 4 anni fa risale a meno di un mese fa.
Inoltre da quanto egli stesso scrive proprio sull'istanza principale


direi che è, invece, al lavoro sul progetto, nonostante alcune questioni ospedaliere che interromperanno ciò per un po' di tempo.
Quindi direi che non è esattamente un progetto fermo.


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It is still early enough in the that or can easily be replaced if something superior comes along. So if or can develop their consumer facing products better and faster then they will inevitably get the community support. And since sublinks uses the existing Lemmy API it might have the best chance to do so.

You never know, the current Lemmy devs might be pushed aside tomorrow, anything could happen.

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