Quick April Update

Hello everyone, I hope your holiday period passed peacefully. The status page is ready, and I'll soon put it online. I've also made some improvements to the new project website, which will be replaced shortly. Today, by the end of the day, two moderators will also appear, more about which will be in a separate post. You can still submit your candidacies to supkbin@gmail.com - you will receive a short instruction in response. Today, I'm returning to the code of kbin; I need to review and start organizing the repository. It will probably take me a few days to get everything up and running, but as I continue refactoring, I will gradually eliminate errors in the instance. There will probably also be a few smaller updates that I will post on this magazine's microblog.

Until next time.


Cheers Ernest. Wanted to make sure you noticed the talk lemmy.world admins were saying over the weekend about getting strange federation activity from our voting system: https://kbin.social/m/kbinEarth@kbin.earth/t/928709/kbin-earth-federation-problems-fixed#entry-comment-5945451

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Good point.

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Thanks, you probably know already but login page not working.

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Thanks @ernest! Hope you had a nice Easter. I look forward to the new changes.

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@ernest Welcome back!
I'm currently getting a 404 error from https://kbin.social/login
Maybe you're working on stuff right now?

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