/kbin RTR#7 Summary of the week, preview of the kbin.social update

It's been almost a week since I started describing my work in the devlog. I'm okay with the progress and the pace I've set for myself. But what matters most to me is that developing the project has once again brought me immense joy and satisfaction. The tasks I've completed so far will allow for a more organized life on the instance. Returning to the roadmap will bring many new features, as well as stability, bug fixes, code refactoring, critical mechanism testing, federation streamlining, simplification of creating and managing one's own instance.

I'll slowly get back to organizational matters too. I have a lot to catch up on in messages and emails. I thank you for the support I receive from you - it's truly amazing. I also thank the contributors for their input into the current state of /kbin. Each Pull request will be mentioned upon the release of the first tagged version. I'll try to fix everything gradually, but I still need some time and my own way of organizing things. However, I don't intend to give up the devlog. I'll continue posting in it, even when describing minor things because it's very helpful for me.

Today, I managed to complete the Magazine moderation request, Magazine Ownership request - it's fully functional now. The last merge request will come in soon. I also fixed a few minor oversights. Tomorrow, if everything goes according to plan, I'll try to update kbin.social to the latest code version. I can't promise it'll be successful on the first attempt, but I'm optimistic.

Good evening.

Abandoned magazines table view.

But what matters most to me is that developing the project has once again brought me immense joy and satisfaction.

So happy to hear this. Rock on ernest! 🤘🤘

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The worst thing that can happen for a project like this is that it becomes a burden on its maintainer. Success in open source can be a double edged sword.

So indeed, super happy to hear that it is still bringing joy!

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@ernest I love that I’m reading these updates from kbin on my Mastodon (Ivory) client! Good to have you back in action 😊

But how come the full text is cut off?

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Despite of what some people said in other posts, I think that the devlog is really great to give us some visibility of what is being done behind the scene and, most of all, to be clear that /kbin development is not abandoned!

I'm really glad that you could overcome the challenges that life surprised you with, and that you're finding joy developing /kbin. Can't wait to see everything you've done and planning to do on the future!

As always, congrats and thanks for the great work @ernest!

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Life can throw difficult challenges our way, but it's great to hear you're in a better place now. Excited for the upcoming update. Sending good vibes, too. The minor devlog posts will also be reassuring moving forward. It's nice to see the thought process behind problems that arise, as well as approaches and solutions.

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Great to hear you are making progress. Can't wait to see the future of Kbin.

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That's fantastic news!

Thank you @Ernest !

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