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How does one embed a GIF so it shows in a comment without clicking any links?

Test: https://tenor.com/fi/view/this-is-just-sad-sad-angry-mock-horror-gif-11156785

Test 2: <div class="tenor-gif-embed" data-postid="11156785" data-share-method="host" data-aspect-ratio="1.77515" data-width="100%"><a href="https://tenor.com/view/this-is-just-sad-sad-angry-mock-horror-gif-11156785">This Is Just Sad Angry GIF</a>from <a href="https://tenor.com/search/this+is+just+sad-gifs">This Is Just Sad GIFs</a></div> <script type="text/javascript" async src="https://tenor.com/embed.js"></script>

Test 3: I tried to add it as a picture as a file from the computer but editing this comment doesn't add it.

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  • Damaskox,
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    @Darkassassin07 I see that as a link, however.

    My point was to see the GIF as the GIF itself, moving, instead as a link I need to click to open it to see it.

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    That’s down to your client being incompatible then.


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    @Darkassassin07 Good to know!

    (I'm in the PC Firefox's kbin.social)

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    I should also note:

    You’ve gotta use direct image links, not links to pages with gifs embedded in them.





    Damaskox, (edited )
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    @Darkassassin07 Hmm. Difficult to tell the difference cos all I see are links with an image icon 😂
    Though clicking on them shows me the difference visually, in a new tab.

    I'll stick to the Add media -button in my case...and in my client.

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    Wow… That client is garbage…

    Those are literally just raw text urls. No formatting at all. Your client is deciding to try and load/embed any and every link it comes across.

    Mainly you’re looking for links that end in an image file extension (.gif/.jpg/.jpeg/.png/etc) if you’re going to embed them as images in a comment/post. I doubt you’ll be able to with that client though… I don’t use lemmy/kbin on desktop so I’ve got no advice there.

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    @Darkassassin07 Hehe.
    No worries!


    Ugh I hope this doesn’t become normal for Lemmy, or at least they give us a way to block gifs and whatnot in comments. I hated that when Reddit forced it and instantly blocked ever seeing them.

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    @Fiivemacs Using this function for memes is another thing.

    My intention in this discussion is to use GIFs as reactions.


    I see no difference tbh, but you do you. I wish the feature was/is there for people to use, but I enjoy not seeing gifs and having them auto load and hope for counter options.

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    @Fiivemacs Yeah well, I suppose some folks rather not see emojis neither.
    Though they take less space in your eyes than GIFs, they may not always deliver the same feeling what the sender intends 🙂


    What did you do for the first one?

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    @ContentConsumer9999 What do you mean?

    Adding the GIF as a picture from the Image BROWSE got the GIF rolling.
    That was my third attempt.
    Didn't get it working for my first comment here though.


    For me only the one before "Test:" seems to be working. Is that the 3rd one somehow going on top?

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    This works!

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    @ContentConsumer9999 Just add it as a normal picture 🙂
    Managed to get the GIF working through here:

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