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There should definitely be an option for users to disable custom themes on a per-magazine basis. I don't mind them, in general, but some themes can be hard on the eyes, and I'd like to be able to easily just toggle it back to my own default setting.

melroy, avatar

@Chozo make sense indeed.

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This is it! We are a real user-eccentric social media!

People spending a looot of time to ruin perfectly good CSS in the most idiosyncratic ways so you can never look at the page without forgetting for even 1 single second that they did that and wondering WHY they were motivated to do so.

I am personally a HUGE fan. There is a big time collaboration between the ability to run wild in this way, and dynamic communities. Compare MySpace vs Facebook. Also on Team Bold Design: tumblr, livejournal and even reddit (after a big fight when they tried to take it away!).

I do also think you gotta have an option to hide all this beautiful wild stuff. Permanently and globally, for specific pages, and temporarily.

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there is a script that can disable magazine customization, but i would never want the option to customize to be taken away, its super fun and different than most sites.

edit: here is the script @Chozo @onyx @EmptyRadar @GeekFTW @stopthatgirl7

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This has been discussed in the kbin matrix channels in the past.
An option to see the default or custom magazine theme is something that will definitely be added.

You can however do some cool stuff with it! (best viewed on a darker theme, or tokyo night :) )

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well, this one I do like 🔥🔥
However, I think it should be dimmed to a degree where the tokyo theme is still dominant but the colors of the thread still shine through.

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There should be an option for you to turn the custom CSS off for yourself, rather than disabling the entire feature for the minority of people who don't like it.

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At the very least I wanna see a setting to just disable all that. I didn't mind subreddits having their own themes, but I turned off 95% of them and it was a nice compromise. If people wanna use em and I can turn em off on my side, fine. Don't force me to look at that ugly shit tho lol

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One magazine I follow set their background to some busy picture of characters from the game, and it made posts completely unreadable and caused the text menu under comments to disappear.

I hope we get the option not to use magazine cosmetic settings so we can choose to use the default.

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