SuperSpaceFan, is bad too. I just unsubscribed to the magazine after blocking about 5-7 'users' daily, recently.

ThatOneKirbyMain2568, (edited )
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As someone on, I'm not seeing it. I saw a comment in a similar thread saying that moderation done on Kbin doesn't federate to Lemmy instances, and I think that's the culprit here. @ernest (the Kbin dev) is working towards a full release, and I hope that it might fix this issue—or at the very least, that it's dealt with shortly after.

EDIT: Yeah, I looked at @science from, and my God is it awful. This really needs to get fixed ASAP.

theKalash, (edited )

Yeah, I think that might explain it.

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This week, I've been dealing with cleaning up instances from spam. Several hundred accounts were removed, along with several thousand posts - these were massive operations. It's possible that due to the volume of requests, other federated instances hit rate limits. I see that some of them are still in the queue with a "fail" status. I will gradually resend them after some time. Along with the update of and the first release of kbin, new modeartion options will be available, including spam blocking (such as global blocking domains), a new reporting panel for moderators, and improved federation between instances. I will also address abandoned instances and ensure that each one has at least a few active moderators. I know how urgent this issue is, and it's my top priority. I just need a bit more time as Piotr and I are preparing for the update.

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It looks like all the spam I've seen are from newly registered accounts. Perhaps this is something you've already considered, but would shutting off registration on and pointing people to other instances until things are more manageable help?

RoundSparrow, has removed a lot of content:

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    Of course, I'm taking action, and on, those posts have been removed, which you can verify. However, for some reason, it doesn't always federate with Lemmy. It used to work before, but practically after every Lemmy update, there's something to fix in the code, or it could be related to API limits because some requests receive a "fail" status in the queues. The same applies to spam from Lemmy instances - I had to manually clean up hundreds of posts from other instances because they didn't always send AP requests, which I verified in the logs.

    Do you seriously believe that it's a matter of individual accounts, and banning a user solves the problem?

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  • ernest,
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    The problem is that at this scale and with this infrastructure, hotfixes are no longer as straightforward as they used to be - when I could solve these kinds of issues in a matter of hours.

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    By the end of September, will receive an update that will address some of the issues. For now, I'm banning spam accounts, and registration is disabled. Additionally, external links are marked as "nofollow." I just want to emphasize that this is not solely a kbin issue - I had to manually remove spam posts from Lemmy instances as well because moderation didn't federate, which doesn't happen with, for example, Mastodon.

    For now, the admin of your instance can choose to defederate or remove communities, as the admin of did. Once I've dealt with the update, I will reach out to other admins and discuss the possibility of restoring valuable posts.

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  • Penguincoder,

    I understand this is a frustrating experience dealing with so much crud in your feed. Admins and mods for many instances of Lemmy and Kbin are trying to work with the tools available to stem this. Attack the problem, not the person. Bee nice.

    Please don’t lash out at those trying to help you and the community. We certainly do appreciate your reports as well, hopefully we’ll find a solution that won’t require so much of your report efforts.


    Sadly, I just filtered the whole science instance, as it’s nothing but spam

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    There’s a bug going on that prevents Kbin moderation from replicating over the fediverse - what happens is they will nuke the threads but it will not reflect across the rest of the federation which is a huge bug. A lot of instances are either blocking their communities en masse to avoid defederating, or just flat out defederating.

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    Are you sure it’s a bug? To me, it sounds like just how it works. This is one reason beehaw is considering leaving the fediverse (and to be honest, I’d be thankful if we did, based on my recent experiences)

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    Yeah the more I learn about the tech and design around these systems the more I question the philosophy and logic of the whole setup.

    The massive vulnerabilities from cached and redistributed (federated) CSAM content, the inability to operate at scale due to various attacks from malicious actors, the lack of moderation tools to deal with the aforementioned issues. It’s just a pile of problems that other systems have literally already solved.

    We should go back to forums. This format is overrated, we’re only clinging to it because we’ve been addicted to reddit for a decade and we can’t fathom going back to something as regressive as forums, even if they are logically the better solution for a majority of instances.

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    ive had the same experience. i think a remote moderation ability may help spread the moderation load around... that possible?


    Yes, I think it’s possible to moderate a community on another instance.

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