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Yes, kbin.social is being cut off: https://lemmy.world/post/14183949


Many of us are getting banned from other instances because there is a bug where kbin is sending way too much traffic per interaction. I know that was affecting federation (according to other instance admins) so It might have something to do with that. The content on kbin does seem to me like it's not in sync at all, but I haven't measured it.

All we can really do for now is hope for a fix and not interact with posts from other instances.

@InEnduringGrowStrong@sh.itjust.works avatar

There’s this bug, but I think I’ve only had to ban 2-3 person from sjw.
I like Ernest, but he’s a one man show and need to delegate more, at least with moderation.
Some kbin mags are completely overrun by spam.

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I saw some comments around this and did seem about the same time the 404's started. maybe thats it.

watersnipje, (edited )

I can see your message over here at Blåhaj Lemmy so at least in the other direction, it’s working.

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And I can see this comment from kbin, so seems to work this direction too.

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This post made it over to reddthat, so your posts are federating out.

Checking over on my kbin account as well, I can see content in /newest from multiple sources. /sub returns 404 but I think that’s just a caching bug (adding ?p=1 to the end of the URL lets me workaround it).

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thanks. I actually was seeing something similar at the start of the weekend but it sorta reveresed on me where sub works and newest gives me the 404. I have been looking through my sub and I am seeing lemmy mags. Thanks for the feedback.

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It took about a minute for my comment from reddthat to show up here, but it looks like it made it through ok, so inbound comments are working. (Note: replying to myself from my kbin account)

@e0qdk@reddthat.com avatar

And I got the response from kbin back on reddthat fine. Seems like communication is working.

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