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Is this the new Celebrity Deathmatch reboot we've been waiting for?

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At first everything about this was infuriating but now I want to see the entire C-suite of Meta and Twitter face off in gladiatorial combat, and we can stream it all on twitch and bet on who will live


Every day we spiral further into an unwritten season of “Silicone Valley”


The only issue I have with this is that only one of them can lose.


Throw the cage in the ocean once they're locked in. Neptune requires the sacrifice of more oligarchs

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Oh boy a new way for them to advertise themselves.

Who cares? Ik i dont, even more so bc its these 2


Let's make it extra fun. Add weapons to it.

@mrmanager@lemmy.today avatar

Lizard vs Space Dildo


Click bait title, sounds like Musk talking out his ass again. No way either of them take the risk of injury or disability.


Meh…make it exciting by fighting in a DIY submarine diving in the ocean!


TFW it isn't to the death


This is literally a money making scheme and no one else can convince me otherwise


I'll believe it when I see it. It's like those two kids at school who liked to talk tough and arrange a fight, only to both called their mums to pick them up.

@QuentinCallaghan@sopuli.xyz avatar

When Zucc gets enough damage, will the fight's second phase have him activate all the hidden cyborg gizmos?


Okay I'm convinced, we live in a simulation. No way this isn't alien reality tv.

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I almost never work out, except for picking up my kids & throwing them in the air

Sprinting away before they come back down is great cardio. You got this Elon!

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