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Let's take a break from all those gay Schlitz ads! Here's famed heterosexual* Liberace shilling for Blatz, instead.
#vintage #beer #Milwaukee

*based on sworn testimony, and far be it from me to suggest that he committed perjury

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I'm planning my vacation. How bad do you think will be during the political convention? Should I extend my vacation to be gone during that as well as Harley and the air show?

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I did a 10 mile bike ride in 63 minutes. I’m hoping to get in 10 miles in under 60 minutes some day…

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Boring little neighborhood bike ride this morning, just 3 miles in 20 minutes... better than nothing I guess.

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Friday May 31st, 2024 is Bay View Gallery Night in Milwaukee. Last time I just went up and down KK and didn't really stray from there but we'll see how it goes this time.

(I had hoped to show/sell my own art but couldn't find a venue willing to take me.)


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Got a 4.5 mile bike ride in this morning in 30 minutes. Not great but not terrible.

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Thank you Mother Nature for the crummy weather this weekend. There have been almost no motorcycles on our block! And later this week the council will vote to approve covering almost the entire length of Prospect Ave in speed tables and bumpouts. Things are looking up!

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I managed another 5 miles in under 30 minutes this morning, so hooray for me.

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Yay, rain and shitty weather! Hopefully it will keep asshole motorcyclists away from our block this weekend!

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Uh-oh, little bit of storm damage on the hiking trail... Greenway


rasterweb, to MountainBiking avatar

I felt pretty good this morning so got the bike out for a ride and managed to get 5 miles in under 30 minutes, which has been a goal for a while! Finally got my average speed over 10mph. Whew!

Map of a bike ride

cenbe, to Milwaukee avatar

Oh, no! What have they done with my beautiful East Side?

allen, to Trains avatar

New Amtrak Borealis train begins service tomorrow, May 21st, 2024

333 to and 340 to will become Train 1333 to and 1340 to Chicago.

@msp @usa

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And you thought only Jupiter and Saturn have interesting clouds...

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Nope. I've been to my last Symphony concert. I've seen rude audiences there before, but this was beyond the limit. If your kids are too little to sit still, leave them at home. And if you're too sick to stop coughing, stay home yourself. People paid good money for those tickets.

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Symphony ticket, check. Clothes ironed, check. Bus schedule, check. I'm ready to hear the Symphony play Takemitsu's "From me flows what you call Time"!

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Bike ride today, just a big old loop... 5 miles in 31 minutes. Still haven't cracked that 30 minute mark!

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My bike ride today was only 4.5 miles... It was pretty windy and started to rain so I called it and headed home.

The great thing about the cemetery is that when you reach an intersection you often have multiple choices and some might be uphill, some might be downhill, or flat, so you can choose your adventure.

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Finally got off the fence and bought a good ticket to Symphony's upcoming performance of Takemitsu's "From me flows what you call Time". Masur is conducting! Looking forward to hearing it in MSO's over-the-top but acoustically excellent hall. Front row balcony!

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I did my longest bike ride yet… 10 miles in about 60 minutes. I’m exhausted, but pleased.

rasterweb, to MountainBiking avatar

I did manage an 8 mile bike ride this morning… hills and wind were not kind!

rasterweb, to Milwaukee avatar

Here's a map of the potholes in my neighborhood I've reported to the city.

Green means they've been repaired, orange means the submission has been "received" but not fixed yet.

We can work together to make the world (or at least a small part of it) a better place.

#mke #milwaukee #roads

A map showing city maintenance of potholes in my neighborhood.

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