Damn. Any source on cause of death?

Dave, avatar

Article says “a brief illness”, which narrows it down.


There is a journalistic shorthand at work here, “brief illness” usually means something discovered too late to treat, RIP Sir.

Dave, avatar

Yeah, my first thought was cancer, though there are plenty of other possibilities.

NielsBohron, (edited ) avatar

I’d agree that cancer is most likely, especially given his relatively young age. Acute issues (like a stroke or appendicitis) wouldn’t really get called an “illness” at all, and most of the other terminal diseases you expect to see first diagnosed in people in their 60’s (like early onset Alzheimer’s, Parkinsons, ALS, etc.) don’t typically have much of a mortality rate until people reach their 70’s. Plus, cancer seems the most likely to fly under the radar until relatively late, given how many cases have few or no symptoms until after the tumor gets metastasized or inoperable.

Exceptions exist of course, but cancer seems to make the most sense to me.


If I had to lay odds, I'd say colon cancer. That sneaks up on a lot of men as they age and is notoriously hard to fight once it spreads. Once it does your 5 year survival rate is 13%. If you catch it while localized or regional, your odds of survival aren't bad.


Heart attack or stroke are usually described by the media as “died suddenly”.

canthidium, avatar

So sad. I know he’s mostly known nowadays for Brooklyn 99, but I first remember him from Primal Fear.


I first remembered him from Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer, the bad general guy. Loved him in B99 as Captain dad … Holt. RIP


Glory. Yes, sir.


Watched it again within the last few years, and about a quarter of the way through I’m like WAIT THATS CPT HOLT. Never made the connection before because he’s so much younger in that movie, and wasn’t a name like Denzel or Broderick


Strangely, I remember him from Men of a Certain Age the most.

This might add new context to that show now.

Either way, very sad indeed


Such an underrated show. I wish it got more praise that was definitely deserved

M0oP0o, avatar

Why Is No One Having A Good Sad Time? I Specifically Requested It.


Nooo Captain dad I mean Holt :(((


Never seen anything with him in it, still sad to gg at only 61.


Go watch Glory. He’s phenomenal in it. He was one of my favorite actors.


Son of a bitch that was him.


Another one! this has been a bad year for my favourite actors

RoseRose56, avatar

RIP I saw him on Brooklyn Nine-Nine series and I loved him, he was young men, only 61 so sad!


B99 would not be anywhere near as good of a show without him. He was brilliant in his role.


He was great!



So sad… so unbelievably saddened by this.

9715698, (edited )

I mistook the actor in the thumbnail for someone else. My mistake. As a fan of B99, still very sad to see.


No you didn’t


Yes he did!


Not the same actor.


Ah shit, that sucks. He was my favourite character on B99 :'(


Shit! I’m halfway through watching Brooklyn Nine Nine for the first time. He’s really fun to watch and absolutely nails the role. Rest in peace you badass mofo.



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  • fartsparkles,

    Way to spoil a major plot line for the person you’re replying to…


    Now you’ve done it. You’ve made me turn my chair.

    (I don’t feed the trolls and they definitely didn’t deserve this reply. You were the closest cool person.)



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  • chairman,

    Bone!!! :-(


    Holy shit. First we lose Matthew Perry and now this.


    2023 going out with a couple of gut punches.


    Nah it was the guy from John wick. One more to go.

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