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PlasmaDistortion, (edited ) in Gen Z is turned off by onscreen sex, wants no-mance over romance, a new study finds

The problem is many filmmakers use romance/relationships/gender/identity as a filler that really doesn’t add to the story. This is compounded when it feels more like pandering to an audience.

Buddahriffic, in Ever had something spoiled for you in the opening credits?

Naruto is bad for this at times. They use opening credit animations that reveal things that will happen during the current story segment. They should have staggered it by one segment so that it would show important things to know about from the previous segment, not spoil stuff yet to come in the current one.

Like big enough things that I won’t mention them here because they are massive spoilers.


Anime does this a lot with the episode names.

Previously on ANIMESHOW: Oh no, Thompson has been captured by the Brookdale Pirates, will his friends be able to rescue him?

Episode 72: Thompson gets murdered by the Brookdale Pirates!


I always wondered why a lot of animes have previews at the end. I'm watching hunter x hunter again, and at the end you'd see part of the next episode, and at the beginning you see part of the last episode. If you wanna speedrun, you can watch the first and last 2 minutes.


Maybe episode padding. I’ve wondered the same about the flashbacks in some animes. Again, Naruto is bad for this. There’s some scenes that are shown like a dozen times, any time there’s a reference to it. It’s annoying because they respect their audience in some ways that a lot of western media doesn’t (like putting effort into strategy and tactics to avoid “why didn’t they just do x instead?”), but then act like viewers have no memory of what has happened previously (sometimes Naruto has flashbacks from the same episode, even).

WarmSoda, in How Marvel Is Quietly Retooling Amid Superhero Fatigue

It’s not superhero fatigue.
It’s mid to bad movie fatigue.


Indeed, I would throw their Star Wars crap in the same pile. I almost missed on Andor considering how meh the rest of Disney Star Wars has gotten.

Wahots, avatar

It’s the Scooby-Doo problem: everything is completely formulaic. Hero has humble beginnings. Finds a wise old man character or helper. Somehow, a little-known enemy has a massive planet sized base. The hero blows it all up in 2 hours.

Also, all the enemies are purely bad, and the good guys are purely good. In these universes, there’s no fall damage and no insurance companies either.


looking forward to plush toy tie ins for the second season of andor. how about a kid ewoks on naboo subplot!!

UKFilmNerd, avatar

Agreed. As an old school Star Wars fan, Disney, in my opinion, has soured the franchise for me.

Mandalorian started well, but I was bored by the middle of season 2. Boba Fett had a few good moments, but it was such a fan service show, it was irritating to watch and incorporating half a season of Mando into it didn’t help. Obi Wan was a completely pointless story that added nothing to the saga. Again, more fan service of wanting to see Vader and Obi-Wan face off again. Andor was the only show that felt like real Star Wars.

I can’t believe the next film is for The Mandalorian, haven’t we had enough of him already. I was really looking forward to Rogue Squadron, shame it was cancelled.


I’m still in awe at their decision to make the action scenes be a bunch of a dudes shooting at a guy in armor that can’t even be beat by lightsabers and thus having zero stakes.

Which makes no sense, btw, even in Disney canon the Jedi were what tilted the tide in the various Mandalorian Wars.

It does make Windu casually beheading Jango even more baller though, so, eh…


Which is really bad script fatigue.

TheImpressiveX, avatar

As they say, you can’t make a good movie from a bad screenplay.


Until this article I was seriously wondering if Kevin Fague had left the company. If he’s the guy with The Vision then who’s oking all this stuff?


It’s Feige, and he’s still the boss but he is much higher up the chain of command at Disney now and probably doesn’t have the time to manage it that closely anymore.


I would agree. The last few marvel movies have been awful. I’m not tired of super hero movies. I’m tired of bad super hero movies.

WanderingVentra, (edited )

Not sure why you were down voted because I agree: I’m not tired of superhero movies, just bad or mid movies. The fact that Guardians 3 and Spiderverse made lots of money and were really good movies was not a coincidence. It just means Marvel has to try a bit more than they used to.

1stTime4MeInMCU, in Why Deleting and Destroying Finished Movies Like Coyote vs Acme Should Be a Crime | MZS | Roger Ebert

Just don’t let studios take the tax write off and this is all fixed

flumph, avatar

Yeah it’s a scam. They’ll claim they lost all the money that went into making the movie because no one would buy it for the price they wanted. If they’d sold it for the highest offer, they’d have lost less.

How is that any different than burning down my own building and claiming it as a loss in my taxes?

wizardbeard, avatar

No, you put your building up for sale at an absurd amount, then when nobody is willing to pay you what you want for it, then you burn it down!

Totally different and completely sane.


I’ve seen others suggest that it gets surrendered to the public domain if they take the deduction. I’d be fine with that.

DarkGamer avatar

Wouldn't that also put the characters into public domain like Wile E Coyote? I can't imagine they'd do that for a tax write-off.


It wouldn't necessarily.

Basically, you'd say that this one work is copyright free, but any characters appearing in it would still have copyright under other works.

The practical effect is that you'd be able to download this movie, watch it, share it, cut up bits and pieces and use them elsewhere, but any original works based on the characters would not be allowed due to those characters still being covered from other works.

DarkGamer avatar

Well that would be different from how it works with Mickey Mouse and Sherlock Holmes, in both of those examples, some works involving the character are public domain and others are still under copyright. As such, people can do their own versions of Mickey mouse as long as it's the steamboat Willie version of Mickey mouse but not Mickey mouse from more recent works. People can write their own versions of Sherlock Holmes stories as long as they don't have the characteristics of Sherlock Holmes in later novels.

I suspect the same would apply to Wile E. Coyote if this film went into the public domain, people could use the character as long as it's the version of the character from this movie and not the version from the '60s cartoons.


I think that only applies if you can make an argument that the two characters are distinct. Your Mickey/Steamboat Willie example is good because they are distinct (slightly different looks, and different names). Another good example is Sherlock Holmes. There was a big lawsuit where the current rights holders tried to argue that the later works are still under copyright just because Sherlock has emotions, and he didn’t in the earlier stories. I don’t remember how the suit turned out though.


There was a weird situation with the movie “It’s a Wonderful Life” where the copyright to the movie lapsed into the public domain due to someone forgetting to renew it (when that was a thing), but the story, and characters were still protected. It was basically decided that the still frames were public domain, but since they became story in movie form, not just anyone could legally sell copies of the movie.


I don't think so, the character wouldn't be public domain, just the exact specific movie. So anyone could screen the movie, but people couldn't make new works based on those characters.


No, just that one piece. Really, maybe there could be a second class of Public Domain where it free to share, but nobody can charge for a showing or access to.


But they could still take the tax write off if it doesn’t sell, and they miss the chance it might

This feels like money laundering or something to me


It's not JUST money laundering. It's also monopolistic practices, vertical and horizontal integration, regular-old fraud, and a healthy sprinkle of antilabor activities. The entire industry is wretched.

BillDaCatt avatar

My first thought was anti-labor.


How do you differentiate between “Scam” movies and movies that fall apart for legitimate reasons?


There's a great documentary on exactly this called The Producers.

ArtificialLink, in Gary Oldman Says ‘Thank God’ for ‘Harry Potter’ and ‘Dark Knight’ Movies Because ‘They Saved Me’

I mean we all know what about clickbait and titles. The headline here is a perfect example. Because it makes it seem like Gary oldman wasn’t getting offers potentially for movies or didn’t have opportunities for movies. And he was worried about going under or not being able to support himself etc etc. But if you read the actual article, it’s made very clear that he wasn’t sparse for opportunity as an actor, but rather these movies gave him an opportunity to be with his children more while they were all going through a very rough time and still earn an income presumably to support their lifestyle and this is what he feels saved him personally.

Gary oldman is a good dad. And it seems like he wanted to put that first and foremost. Which I think is wonderful. I was raised by a father who was given soul custody of his kids during a very messy divorce. And now that I’m older i can see how much sacrifice he made for me and my sister. Cool that gary oldman seems willing to do the same for his kids.


You’re not wrong. But the title is literally his quote.


A lot are but it takes it outta context and twists his point slightly.


"Thank God for ‘Harry Potter.’ I tell you, the two — ‘Batman’ and ‘Harry Potter’ — really, they saved me,

That’s his exact quote. How long do you want the title, which is quoting him, to be?


“Gary Oldman thanks Batman, Harry Potter for ‘saving’ his family life”.

Accurate, informative, and shorter than the given title.


Next time I talk to Variety I’ll let them know.


You respond like you didn’t specifically ask how.


I think /u/WarmSoda may be as pleasant in real life as their username.


Nah, theres just no reason for people to care this much.


It’s pretty funny you don’t understand what a rhetorical question is.


The title does not need to be a quote to give you information about the article. They use the quote out of context specifically to twist it slightly and get more clicks.


While you may be technically correct, a quote taken out of context can be misleading, as is the case here.

They chose the quote to be the title for that purpose. That’s clickbait.


I’d prefer titles that more accurately described the content - they don’t necessarily have to quote the content.


Cool dude

whoisearth, avatar

Asking a question as a separated dad which I think I know the answer to. I get my kids every other week. Outside of that I also take them one on one (I have 3 of which 2 are special needs) when it isn’t my week. I have no idea why my ex doesn’t do the same. She comments I never have alone time because I’m using my week off from them, but I love my kids and they deserve one on one time. They also never leave my house early when the week is up but they’re always eager to come to my house even when it’s not time to show up yet.

I’ve always assumed it will pay off in the long run and they’re aware.


From one divorced dad to another… just keep doing what you know is right. Your kids will see it. It doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks.


As a kid who survived through this maybe not special needs. But a kid who’s arrived through this. The best you can do is just show them how much you love and care for them no matter what. That will mean the world to them. Also, just hope your ex-whaterver e isn’t a bitch who warps and twists your kid’s minds. Cuz I don’t say this lightly. My dad with the way the court systems are was not awarded full custody lightly. The court system in America very much prefers the mother. And my mother was a crazy psychotic bitch who made me go to a fucking two week inpatient facility because she fucked up my head so bad. But my dad is the greatest thing I’ve ever had and he is caring and he has sacrificed more than I think anyone will ever know. And for all of that I said the best you can do is just put love first. Because love is what ultimately prevailed for my father despite my mother’s twisted fucked up words

SketchySeaBeast, in Nicolas Cage Ready To Quit Doing Movies: “Maybe Three Or Four More” avatar

Three or four movies? So he’s giving his two weeks?


That was way more clever than I think people are giving you credit for.


He’ll be home in time for christmas

cryostars, in ‘I was told not to make eye contact with Tom Cruise’: meet the world’s most prolific film extra

Tom Cruise is a piece of shit

livus avatar

@cryostars doesn't seem to have bothered her though:

“Extras are the lowest and you don’t ever speak to a star unless they speak to you. We’ve been told: ‘Tom Cruise is about to come on set. Please do not make eye contact.’” She has always found the strictly enforced on-set hierarchy more amusing than demeaning. “I had self-worth, because I was part of the film. Films would be very boring without extras. You’d get on the tube train, and there’d be no one else in it!”


He’s still a piece of shit.

livus avatar

Totally, not disputing that.

Massive contrast with Bowie in the same article, who came up to talk to her because he remembered her from being extras together before he got famous.


Aww that is such a sweet story


Yes, he is. I worked on one of his films and he is everything you read about him. I witnessed him flip his shit but to be fair, that was when he and Katie Holmes were breaking up.

Stovetop, in Jackie Chan, Ralph Macchio Set For New ‘Karate Kid’ Movie

I feel iffy on this. I loved the original Karate Kid growing up, but absolutely hated the 2010 remake. Partly because I feel like it is following the trend of just lumping every Asian character into a generic “Kung Fu Guy” stereotype with no room for nuance.

Like, in the original, Mr. Miyagi’s backstory as a Japanese war veteran was pretty significant to his character, and karate being a specifically Japanese fighting style made sense for him to teach.

Not to say you have to be Japanese to learn karate, but that wasn’t even the premise in the 2010 movie, where Mr. Miyagi was swapped out for the Chinese Mr. Han, and the discipline being learned is kung fu, not karate. But that doesn’t matter, does it? Because as far as the white people in the audience are concerned, there’s basically no difference. Asian is Asian, right?

(And being a movie made in cooperation with China Film Group, which is a propaganda arm of the Chinese government, they definitely couldn’t have Mr. Han also be a war veteran who regretted his years of service, because who could ever regret fighting for glorious communism?)

nevernevermore avatar

I never saw the Jaden smith film, but that’s a bad joke right? That it’s kung fu, not karate? How did they even think it appropriate to still call it karate??


I saw the Jaden Smith film and it’s…okay. But yeah…it’s not karate. It’s kung fu. They even say that in the movie.

Yet they still called it The Karate Kid.

canthidium, avatar

Yeah, it was fine but as an Asian American, the name bothered me. I dunno why they didn’t just call it “The Kung Fu Kid” and market it as a spiritual successor.


I was going to write this almost verbatim in my comment above but cut it for length. 100% agree.

canthidium, avatar

I love that we’re getting all this Asian cinema nowadays, but there’s still more to do. Like you said, lumping all Asians together still. And even still, a lot is all about being Asian. Say what you will about the Fast and Furious movies, but the character of Han is what we need more of. A character that just happens to be Asian, and his whole personality isn’t just “Asian dude”. He’s just a guy, and that’s awesome.


It is explicitly kung fu. They say as much in the film.

They just called it The Karate Kid for brand recognition. It's not like they haven't abused the name before.

southsamurai, avatar

It is such a bad movie, too. Like, if they’re going to do that, you’d think it would be a great film, but nooooooo.

Bluefold, in New The Marvels Ticket Presales Place It Lower Than Two Of DC's Biggest Box Office Bombs

I’m actually excited to see this one. Kamala is a fun character and Iman Vellani captured her essence really well. They have not done a good job of making Captain Marvel or Monica Rambeau as characters we care about, but through the Kamala lens we might during the movie. But a lot of folks skipped on Ms. Marvel thinking she was for kids.

However, I wouldn’t even call this dip in presales Marvel fatigue. I’m a Marvel fanboy. I watched She Hulk and enjoyed it. Yet, Marvel have done nothing to actually invest me into the current phase. It’s not a Marvel fatigue but more a multiverse/plot fatigue. I haven’t watched Secret Invasion or Loki 2 because… Why?

I find Kang to be such a damp squib of a character. They ruined most of his mystique at the end of Quantumania to the extent he is no longer a real threat. Thanos worked because he was a difficult but not impossible threat. You felt like even the Guardians had a chance against him as slim a chance as that might be.

Kang is an impossible threat. A multi-versal threat that has no limits. He’s boring because he can’t be overcome.

I’ve said it before when we were all on Reddit, this Phase would be made significantly more interesting if you use this as the opportunity to introduce Doctor Doom. Have him crush Kang as a threat setting up a more complex, potentially beatable, villain and establishing a power order in one sweep.

Once he’s established, bring in the X-Men and FF fighting off incursions, lead up to X-Men Vs MCU as your Summer Blockbuster, have a handful of arthouse y Last Days Of style movies. Go into Battleworld, have some really fun remixes of our established characters, reset the multiverse to a single world with more mundane threats and recast any character who wants out of the franchise.

Instead, this movie becomes a ‘eh. I’ll see it on Disney+ eventually’.

grayhaze, (edited ) avatar

You call yourself a Marvel fanboy, but you enjoyed She-Hulk, and haven’t bothered to watch two of the best Marvel TV shows? Something doesn’t add up.


I’ve seen one episode of Secret and have no urge to find out what happens. If Loki is only 6 episodes like last season, this season so far has been a huge nothing sandwich. And episode 5 just came out!

grayhaze, avatar

You’re right of course. Neither Loki nor Secret Invasion have such high stakes as the main character’s struggles to find a boyfriend, buy some dope sneakers or dance with Megan Thee Stallion, instead choosing such mundane things as preventing the nuclear annihilation of humankind or preventing the fabric of the universe from collapsing.

Secret Invasion also unfortunately didn’t end with a fourth-wall-breaking monologue about how wrong viewers are for liking the things that the studio have spent two decades building, and Loki didn’t spend a series talking about how wrong it is to judge a person based solely on their appearance, only to then take an established character of the opposite gender and objectify them for laughs.

She-Hulk was a modern masterpiece of storytelling, and anything else Marvel have put out pales in comparison. /s


And this, my fellow Lemmings, we call gatekeeping.

grayhaze, (edited ) avatar

I actually meant it somewhat sarcastically, but I obviously failed in getting that across. I just found it funny that they would refer to themselves as a Marvel fanboy and in the same breath admit to not watching their best content.

Having said that, I’ll happily keep that gate if it prevents more dross like She-Hulk from getting made.


It totally missed the mark even if it was sarcastic. I don’t think a “/s” in the end would’ve saved that.

Calling yourself a fanboy is perfectly reasonable even if you haven’t seen every episode or movie out there. They like it, they can call themselves a fan.

Furthermore, not everyone can afford a Disney+ subscription to watch the full Marvel lore or can’t afford the time to catch up. That doesn’t restrict them from being a fanboy.

grayhaze, avatar

We’ll agree to disagree. This just came across as someone calling themselves a Tolkien fanboy when the only content they’d consumed was Rings of Power, or a Star Wars fanboy because they once saw the Holiday Special.

She-Hulk is objectively the worst thing Marvel have ever put out, and was actively insulting to fans.

Also, they clearly do have a Disney+ subscription if they watched it. Nobody would pirate that.

canis_majoris, avatar

I didn’t care enough about Kamala’s show to watch it all the way through. From what I remember and what I saw, Iman Vellani did a good job of not being a super annoying fangirl, which is the main complaint most folks have about the comic character. She’s pretty cringy because she’s obsessed with all the people she’s fighting alongside and it makes the character insufferable. They solved that with some of the later iterations of Kamala, including the one in the Avengers game’s main story who was markedly less annoying than any other iteration prior. I just kind of don’t care about India or the Partition or any of that stuff going on in the background.

southsamurai, avatar

Nah, they dropped the whole fangirl thing as a common occurrence a while back in comics. The show doesn’t lean into it very much.

I can’t say the show was a 10/10, but they kept the spirit of the character that well. The ending was “good enough” imo

mymanchris, in what are some of the most glaring and significant mistranslations in movies? add spoiler tags if necessary, please.

In John Wick, when he interrogates Francis the bouncer outside the Russian nightclub, John asks him if he’s lost weight. Francis responds, in Russian, “yes, 23 kilograms,” but the subtitle converts it to “over 60 pounds.” This completely destroys the fact that Francis was using code to tell John there were 23 guards inside.


Oh haha, that one’s great, thanks.

canthidium, avatar

LMAO, that is quite funny. I mean it’s an accurate translation, but completely messes up the context.


It isnt though, 23kg is ~ 50lbs not 60

canthidium, avatar

Oh, I didn’t check the math, but that’s even funnier.

xantoxis, in TIL of the Jon Hamm conundrum

I love Jon Hamm and I hope to see him in some big roles, but

he’s a man, and now they make movies about boys

jesus christ dude I think I sprained something rolling my eyes this hard. I’m going to the urgent care and sending you the bill for it

Neato avatar

Yeah. They call Maverick a boy but then relate John fucking Wayne as a man?! The guy who spent his horrid life pretending to be a cowboy. A profession that never existed? Pathetically out of touch.


If John Wayne is the standard for being a “man,” I’ll stay a “boy” thanks.

I think my wife who I don’t abuse won’t mind it either.

Mordachai_Shedbacon, in Oppenheimer review I saw on my walk today.

Fuk u Oscars, The Streets have spoken!

hikarulsi, avatar

A concert statement

Binthinkin, in Steven Spielberg denounces antisemitism and makes first comments on Gaza

Yo Steve, your wealthy conservative Jews have sold out to racism. We know what Chabad is. We know what the Orthodoxy is and does. We know crazy rabbis in NJ sell organs on the black market. Quit whining and clean up your own.

delirious_owl, avatar

What’s Chabad?

Don’t confuse Judaism with Zionism.


I think you might have got lost on your way to posting on 4chan

recreationalplacebos, in AMC Theaters suck

This is intentional, it’s to give the edibles time to kick in.


Shit. I did mine hours too late.


AMC Mountain High, with CBD Jujyfruits and Indica Caramel Popcorn!

willya, in AMC Theaters suck avatar

The previews are part of the experience in my opinion. We can def do without the Nicole Kidman so many years celebration. This probably belongs more in unpopular opinion more than anything else. Some home setups even preroll future trailers. It’s an option in Plex.


Upvoted for your opinion, but also


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