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@music music streaming lovely songs


My band makes covers of pop songs in a vaguely Leonard Cohen style. It was a fun idea we first had back in 2007 or so. We are The Three Leonards. Results are... unpredictable at best - as they should be :) For example:

Died In Your Arms (Tonight)

Have a listen, let me know what you think.


“This video is not available”


I’ve heard of you guys before. Good stuff. Curious how you feel about Richard Cheese.



Dear Friend,

I hope you’re well. Wonder if you could check out my favorite indie band. They’re called Path To Bantry & they’re from Alaska. If you have a YT channel it would be great if you could watch some of their videos. If you like what you see & hear, give them a sub. Also like and/or comment on some of their vids. Thanks 🙂

Best wishes,

PS: Don’t tell them I sent you. I don’t want credit.


@CedarBlankenship that albatross song is pretty decent


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