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This has been a very Monday.

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She laughed.

Oh, she knew perfectly well that she was supposed to be serious, concerned, keeping up on the news of the day, fearful of the Next Big Thing, savvy and cool, yet at the same time perturbed and troubled over . . . everything.

But she opted not to.

Brimming Over metal print -- https://2-steve-henderson.pixels.com/featured/brimming-over-steve-henderson.html?product=metal-print

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This #Monday morning I’m bored and pondering seed things, such as bigleafed maple whirlybirds at the park, chive flowers, and garlic scapes from the garden, which I ate. Have also consumed the year’s first garlic cloves, a whole bulb already. #GetOutside #Gardening #GrowYourOwn

A handful of garlic scapes held above green grass, quite curly.
Pretty purple, round blossoms atop a healthy chive plant at the edge of a garden.

mdmrn, to random
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Good morning and happy Monday.

Had a weird, busy weekend. Friday was an emotional rollercoaster. Saturday was LONG at a band event with MDMRNia (12) and a gaggle of middle schoolers. Sunday was church / catch up.

Hope you have a great Monday!

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Look who just came running toward me before having second thoughts

#animals #gardening #Monday #photo

mythopoetica, to StardewValley


  1. Yummy South Indian Lunch with 4 types of veg, juicy fried chicken drumstick and shrimp curry. Hey, it's Monday and I needed the fortification for teaching.
  2. Listening to The Cure all day because the weather requires it.
  3. Finally catching fish on . I'd all but given up because fishing is so impossible on the iphone.


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LisaSBaker, to art
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public holiday on a = great opportunity to listen to all entries for

only just got started but it seems like there's once again a great range of musical styles and professional and hobby artists, so don't miss out on this major event


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#GoodMorning #Mastodon and uh...happy #Monday?

How was your weekend?
Mine has seen very little #gaming time but I took the chance to regenerate some mental health through hiking.

Let's start this week with a smile, a hug and a coffee 🫂 ☕

Have an amazing day!


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It's an infinite coffee kinda morning.

#coffee #caffeine #monday #MondayMotivation #humor #humour

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Good morning and happy Monday!

It's a start to a new work week. Lots of chances to get stuff done!

Hope you have a great one.

#MorningMoments #GoodMorning #Parenting #Monday

mythopoetica, to music

for a very rainy and windy

  1. The music of has been keeping me super-chill for the past two frenetic weeks. I've been listening to A La Sala on repeat.
  2. Did a whole lot of work on articles and other stuff this morning, clearly in my Super Academic phase. By end of the week I'll be an exhausted and limp bundle, though.
  3. Scored a jar of peach preserves although it required me extroverting myself enough to ask a nearby tall stranger to grab it for me from a tall shelf. (I'm 5"6 but the shelf was considerably higher). Tall dadbro (with toddler) was momentarily puzzled but acquiesced. Whatevs, I was embarrassed but YAY I finally got a new jar (finished the other one already).


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Good morning !!! Hope everyone has a great Monday !!!

SydPark, to Iceland
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Happy Monday 💕

Nothing in this world is harder than speaking the truth, nothing easier than flattery.
🖊 Fyodor Dostoevsky

#Iceland 🇮🇸
©️ withluke
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It's that time of year again.
Many round jewels are lying on bush clover plates.

EisenTukan, to epic German
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Well, I was dead sure this band was an English one! But alas: they're from the U.S.! Huh 😗... anyway...

... the weekend's gone and a new #Monday has arrived, so that sucks, right? Luckily #BlackMetalMonday's here for the rescue, delivering #Epic, #Melodic and heroic #Folk #Black #Metal (they do sound like they're from ye olde Engalonde, don't they???) to save us all! Have a #GoodMorning, cvties 🌞🌳🌈💐 ->

Bandcamp link to the Wandering Oak album "Resilience" -> https://wanderingoakband.bandcamp.com/album/resilience

alexkidman, to running
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New update on my quest to cover 100km to raise funds for MS research as part of the . Today I hit 60% of the way and pondered about Mondays -- read the blog post and DONATE TODAY!


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by David Zinn Art

<<Later that day, Clem and Stuart's new business venture hit a rough patch when they learned that waffle makers need to be plugged in.>>

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How does this Monday find you? (short window poll)

mdmrn, to random
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Good morning and happy Monday!

Last week was...super weird for me on a personal level. Highs and lows all over the place.

I am hoping for a week that is...less eventful. Then again, I've already got a busy day with work followed by a PTA meeting.

Hope you have a great start to your week.

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