How? Was Putin like: “perpetual piece? Fuck that, I show this guy!”?


Immanuel Kant was a real pissant

Who was very rarely stable



That’s funny cause I blame the fall of the Soviet Union on all the famine

Beardedsausag3 avatar

I blame 2 ply toilet paper.. And Putler.


I don’t think he knows what the word “directly” means…

Carighan, avatar

I’m going to be honest, I kant see how this is related.

anonionfinelyminced avatar

Perhaps they should have read immanuel on how to concoct propaganda.


Kant/enlightenment could be probably be blamed for a lot of the worlds current problems. But somehow I doubt this mayor is gonna make a solid argument.


In the sense that “human rights violations” aren’t a problem if you don’t believe in human rights, maybe.


I think he needs a therapist…

Justas, avatar

Mayor after therapy:

“I blame Freud for the war.”

blackluster117, avatar

“And by extension, my mother.”

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