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The results of the logo competition are here (

From what i have read, the winning logos are not guaranteed to be chosen, so we will have to wait for an official announcement. I think there is a meeting today, so I would keep an eye on the official wiki and news pages. On the meeting on tuesday (12.12), the competition results have been discussed but I don’t know what’s...

moldavite: MicroOS-based Sway using project of desktop distribution (

Hi, I have created a fork of the Greybeard project called “Moldavite” (meteorite induced explosion near Nürnberg caused a lot of gems falling on the ground in Bohemia, if it is not a symbol of the cooperation inside of SUSE, then I don’t know what would be ;)). The main project site is and OBS...

WakeOnLAN on OpenSUSE Leap

Because my NAS isn’t used while I’m at work, I set up a systemd service that reliably suspends the OS to memory at the same time every day (excluding weekends), and uses rtcwake to then wake it up again just before I typically get home from work. I also have an alias set up on my laptop to send a magic packet to the NAS in...


Hi everybody, I recently installed OpenSuse Leap, but I have trouble working with firewalld. The goal is to accept incoming ssh and vnc connections from two IPs exclusively, but it just does’nt work. I removed all interfaces from zone public, set the internal zone up so that it has only the two IPs as sources and only the ssh...

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