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@linux Sharing a 'small' inconvenience I had to fix with #opensuse #slowroll (I suspect #tumbleweed is the same) - I couldn't launch snaps (spotify, bitwarden) after update - error was: cannot determine seccomp compiler version in generateSystemKey fork/exec /usr/lib/snapd/snap-seccomp: no such file or directory

The fix (I first tried re-installing, didn't work) was to:
a. locate snap-seccomp - was in /usr/libexec/snapd
b. symlink: ln -s /usr/libexec/snapd /usr/lib/snapd

#linux #snap

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flatpak uninstall --unused from time to time to delete unused runtimes and free up disk space.

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Find out more about -boot in & . Full Disk Encryption! It starts in about 30 minutes.

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@opensuse Actually interesting, now I just need to know when this will be standard in

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@opensuse Factory became bit-by-bit reproducible, enhancing 's verification. Thanks to all involved! 🚀 95% previously passed. @reprobuilds

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Dank jüngster Ereignisse durfte ich ein openSUSE Tumbleweed Rolling Release wieder arbe^^^gaming-tauglich machen.

Welche Möglichkeiten bringt openSUSE Tumbleweed hier out-of-the-box mit?

Das erfahrt im kurzen Artikel zu
OpenSUSE Tumbleweed - von Fresh Install zu Gamingtauglich


Spiele unter openSUSE Tumbleweed über KDE Discover und YaST
Game-Clients: Lutris, Steam, Epic Games Launcher und itch.

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Nearly Seamless Integration | openSUSE in a Microsoft Office 365 Environment

I made great effort to take on the incredible task of learning this job by immersing myself in all things #Microsoft: #Windows #Outlook, #Teams, #Office, etc. I needed to make @openSUSE #Tumbleweed my home daily work environment. That is where my efficiency & work satisfaction dramatically increased.

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I clicked continue. It did not work.

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The certainty that you can walk out for a coffee ☕ on these 1649 packages being updated in Tumbleweed. Come back, reboot, good to go. The gecko rocks!

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Some distributions impacted by the supply chain attack ⚠️

➡️ Linux (between March 26 and 29) :kali_linux_g:

➡️ and openSUSE (between March 7 and 28) :opensuse:

➡️ testing, unstable, and experimental versions (from 5.5.1alpha-0.1 to 5.6.1-1) :debian:

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addresses supply chain attack against compression library ⚠️ :opensuse:

For our openSUSE users where SSH is exposed to the internet we recommend installing fresh, as it’s unknown if the backdoor has been exploited

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FYI openSUSE Tumbleweed users, the downgrade to the xz library to roll it back to 5.4.6 is already in place (you can check by seeing the update target version) so update now (to do the downgrade) if you haven't already.

chillicampari, avatar

The version number will look really strange after the update, but that is okay (it needs to be done that way to ensure the replacement).

Changelog of downgrade to xz library.

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Feeling like I should screen cap the dozen-ish different file selectors I run into on my Linux system, and post a semi-snarky commentary about them all.

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Wayland is still broken for me after today’s Tumbleweed update. I’m going to have to figure out how to debug this, it’s mildly annoying.

It’s something in the SDDM➡️Wayland handoff, because I can start it directly from a console and Wayland is all happy.

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I might have to install Snap on OpenSUSE Tumbleweed so I can use Todoist, I'm having trouble with the AppImage version.

One of the points of trying OpenSUSE was to avoid Snap, because I don't like how they integrate with other apps in the system.

Dang it.

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@opensuse's & have @kde's new & plans are in the making for . Subtle distinctions & implications exist between them. users/devs can discover the specifics for each

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I'm trying out OpenSUSE Tumbleweed on a new machine that has a fingerprint sensor.

Fingerprint sensor works fine with the 64-bit fingerprint daemon and utilities.

PAM is somehow looking for a 32-bit version of its fprintd integration. Why is PAM 32-bit?! 😱

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Well. Seems I have to reinstall . I tried restoring as many of my custom theme settings as I could remember before retrying to upgrade to . It didn't help. Colors being screwed I get, but why are so many things are straight up missing. Volume widget? BT widget? Whole sections in the Plasma Settings are just gone. ???

Plasma 6. Dark theme broken, widgets and option sections in the Plasma settings are missing.

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I gotta say I fü©king love . Have it installed on my wives and it just feels like such a boss distro everywhere. I've never felt anywhere close to this good with a distro before. Stable, up to date, reliable, no hassle, powerful...

Edit: I have no idea how autocorrect managed to change "3 computers" to "my wives" but I feel like I have to let it stay in there. Maybe it's trying to tell me something...

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info from - Review of the week 2024/10:

  • KDE Frameworks and Plasma 6: Lots of progress since last week. By now we reached the QA phase. Optimistic souls bet on next week (no promises though!)
  • KDE Gear 24.02.0 – Requires KDE Frameworks 6 and will land at the same time

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