2024-06-08 How Do Aeon and Kalpa Relate (sfalken.tech)

So I was made aware of a thread on reddit where it’s brought up that folks don’t understand the relationship between openSUSE MicroOS, openSUSE Aeon, and openSUSE Kalpa. This blog post will attempt to clear up some misunderstandings and misconceptions about the relationship between the three “Distributions”.

janvhs, to KDE
@janvhs@hachyderm.io avatar

Omg is soooo good. If their design philosophy was a bit more or Apple like, I would literally switch. But I love my Berlin Gnomies, so running both it is.

Btw, I started to rework the Gnome pattern on openSUSE Tumbleweed in my free time and really reference :D

My main problem with KDE is QT, because it’s so Cpp heavy and hard to integrate with other languages, unlike GTK. Maybe could be interesting for me, now that they have a Wayland story and I learned about XApps 😼

passthejoe, to guix
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I'm as intrigued by #Guix as I was by #NixOS, but ultimately I'm not sure the complexity is worth it for me.

Even #OpenBSD has a ratio of complexity vs. benefits that fits well with my work (and play) flow.

#AtomicFedora, #UniversalBlue and #OpenSUSE #Aeon all hide enough of the nitty gritty behind the scenes — updates happen without me needing to know it.

And traditional #Debian is so familiar and reliable, it's hard not to tap it for just about any use case.

jloc0, to openSUSE
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is like a 3gb ISO and it’s basically a bare gnome desktop. I can get a 3gb liveslak and ship all the ap/ & l/ sets of Slackware AND use native package managers to maintain it with. Aeon didn’t even have nano installed. What the hell is on that ISO? 😂 I really want to map it all out and see if I can make a comparable live system. Ya know, for funsies.

kalpa, to openSUSE

So I recently ran across this post and thread by @vwbusguy, and I would like to try to address some of the questions/misconceptions/etc that come up in the thread.

If you have questions, please, ask. What we do with isn't identical to what does with their , but many of the concepts for the end user are going to be similar/the same.



@vwbusguy I've been working on some ideas, with the guys already, and you'll probably see some of that making it's way into in the coming months. I can't speak to , as I don't make the decisions there.

As far as the ability to do the image based rebasing, I'm not even certain how that would look, based on top of our stack, since we don't use ostree. Not to say it can't happen, but it's also not in our roadmap.

@sfalken@mastodon.naturalorder.me avatar

@kalpa @vwbusguy Speaking just for myself, and not for as a project, I've got zero exposure to SLE Micro/Leap Micro, just due to a lack of personal interest. So I'm really the wrong person to be asking. and Kalpa track Tumbleweed, because Richard and I both are far more interested in the rolling release model.

Doesn't mean it can't exist, just that the current group of Developers aren't interested.

That's just kind of how it goes with openSUSE…

thejapantimes, to business
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Retail giant Aeon has entered into exclusive talks with Oasis Management to acquire shares the Hong Kong-based activist investor holds in drugstore chain Tsuruha Holdings. https://www.japantimes.co.jp/business/2024/01/29/aeon-tsuruha-stake-talks/?utm_content=buffer0b311&utm_medium=social&utm_source=mastodon&utm_campaign=bffmstdn

vwbusguy, to linux
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A #NewYears resolution idea for some of y'all:

Make 2024 the year you move to an immutable #Linux, like #Fedora #Kinoite or #Silverblue, #OpenSUSE #Kalpa or #Aeon, etc.

opensuse, to openSUSE
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Do you 💚 @opensuse? Help spread the word! Leave a review on #DistroWatch, share your experience about our awesome 🐧 #distro & helps other people find #openSUSE #Linux https://distrowatch.com


@opensuse If someone wants to try the best Linux desktop has to offer, should definitely try #Opensuse #Tumbleweed and #Aeon

opensuse, to openSUSE
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@opensuse is representing today at . Come see us at the booth, watch a talk about Leap Micro or install either or in a workshop today. https://www.linuxdays.cz/2023/program/

Danilo, (edited ) to openSUSE Spanish

Cosas de openSUSE Aeon

No he conseguido instalar MullvadVPN en su versión gráfica, ni tampoco lo he conseguido hacer funcionar a través del CLI.

Métodos usados: Distrobox contenedor Arch, y transactional-update.

Solución para tener MullvadVPN: Generar un archivo wireguard desde tu cuenta en la web e instalarlo a partir de los siguientes comandos en la terminal.

1️⃣ nmcli connection import type wireguard file 'nombre-del-archivo'
2️⃣ nmcli connection up 'nombre-de-la-conexión'
3️⃣ nmcli (para comprobar si se registró)

opensuse, to GNOME
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Discover the simplicity of openSUSE Desktops at ! Learn to install or Kalpa. Don't miss out!🐧🖥️ https://pretalx.linuxdays.cz/linuxdays-2023/talk/9NTMXH/


@opensuse #Aeon is the best thing Desktop Linux wise ever! I watched @sysrich presentation on All Systems Go and immediately tried it! I really hope it is here to stay!

kalpa, to openSUSE

If you've any interest in #openSUSE #Aeon or #Kalpa or immutable desktops in general, I highly recommend giving Richards talk at #asg2023 a watch/listen.


Kalpa is following (or at least attempting to) follow the same design principles as Aeon, And this is a touch more challenging with a Plasma Desktop, than it is with Gnome, for many reasons, and it's the reason we move a bit slower.

iaintshootinmis, to openSUSE
@iaintshootinmis@digitaldarkage.cc avatar

Was going to download but they don't have a Torrent or magnet link option and the direct download is being ferried by garden gnomes who are manually printing out the packets and fighting their way across the lawn to bring me the . Not a good look for the OpenSuse project.

edumedinalinux, to openSUSE Spanish

: Painless Containerized Workflows for Lazy Developers.


LinuxGuides, to linux German

Hat jemand von euch schonmal MicroOS oder Silverblue für längere Zeit als Hauptsystem genutzt? Ich würde mich riesig freuen wenn Ihr euch per Mail oder PN meldet. Wir suchen nach Erfahrungen.

#linux #opensource #microos #aeon #kalpa #silverblue

ivorybear, to homeassistant

What’s your favorite #HomeAssistant device/sensor/etc that a) didn’t cost a lot and b) provided lots of satisfaction? I’m all out of stuff to tinker with/break but I’m thinking SDR stuff next (like soil moisture sensors) after learning about them from @GavinCampbell

@adelgado@eu.mastodon.green avatar

@ivorybear @GavinCampbell #AEON Labs Multisensor 6 ZW100 motion, temp, humidity, light (this is not so useful part) and around 76€ in Finland

opensuse, to openSUSE
@opensuse@fosstodon.org avatar

Enjoying with the openSUSE Project booth & showing off The Inkscape Project on , & in on MicroOS + showing the Run old & new!

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