Taffer, to HowTo
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New post - Linux Roundup https://taffer.ca/posts/2024/linux-roundup/

A description of various Linux distros that I’ve used, which might help someone else pick one.

linuxiac, to openSUSE
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SUSE's new installer, Agama, is taking shape. Now, with a faster startup, improved architecture, and a powerful new storage setup interface.

v, to random Spanish
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¿Saben quién no me niega, ni me dice "y joven, no se puede"?

Mi Fedora.

La única vez que lo hizo fue en la Thinkpad con el monitor USB-C que usa DisplayLink.

En estas Dell el mismo monitor y el Hub USB-C con HDMI en el Fedora 38, 39 y 40 van a todo dar.


No sé, no hago gran cosa con mi equipo ni nada demasiado específico pero me siento menos desairado.

Dell también actualiza BIOS desde el Software Center de Fedora, por si luego se lo preguntan.

Muy buen soporte.

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@v escogí Tumbleweed porque es rolling release, no creo poder dejar el rolling release :D es la puerta de entrada a drogas más duras como

opensuse, to intel
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now available in openSUSE! 🎉 Thanks to the efforts from , support from & teams, democratization is here. Dive in to at software.opensuse.org & get more details https://news.opensuse.org/2024/05/14/openvino-arrives-in-os-distributions/

passthejoe, to guix
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I'm as intrigued by as I was by , but ultimately I'm not sure the complexity is worth it for me.

Even has a ratio of complexity vs. benefits that fits well with my work (and play) flow.

, and all hide enough of the nitty gritty behind the scenes — updates happen without me needing to know it.

And traditional is so familiar and reliable, it's hard not to tap it for just about any use case.

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Find out how you can help sponsor the Conference. You will help support the that to enhance our https://en.opensuse.org/Portal:Conference/Sponsor

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@linux Sharing a 'small' inconvenience I had to fix with #opensuse #slowroll (I suspect #tumbleweed is the same) - I couldn't launch snaps (spotify, bitwarden) after update - error was: cannot determine seccomp compiler version in generateSystemKey fork/exec /usr/lib/snapd/snap-seccomp: no such file or directory

The fix (I first tried re-installing, didn't work) was to:
a. locate snap-seccomp - was in /usr/libexec/snapd
b. symlink: ln -s /usr/libexec/snapd /usr/lib/snapd

#linux #snap

lunarloony, to openSUSE
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Did another Mac thing! After a false start last night, is now up and running. And it's blummin' fast for an old girl.

Best part is, it turns out the fastest processor this Mac can take is like £15-20 on eBay. That plus a bit of extra RAM will make this into a tidy little performer. (Not a Performa, sadly.) (Also not that little.)

Quiet enough to keep in the living room, too.

bahmanm, to linux
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flatpak uninstall --unused from time to time to delete unused runtimes and free up disk space.

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Are you excited for the Leap 15.6 ? Stay updated with the for when this can land at your fingertips. 🔍 Find out more at https://en.opensuse.org/openSUSE:Roadmap

fell, to Matrix
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Matrix certrainly has its rough edges, but I find it awesome that pretty much every major Linux community now has their dedicated space. All federated, of course.

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opensuse, to openSUSE
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The .Asia Summit will take place in this year. More details will be released soon. https://news.opensuse.org/2024/05/06/os-asia-summit-announcement/

opensuse, to openSUSE
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A new country has emerged in the top 5 of usage the past six months: USA leads with 31%, followed by Germany (12.4%), Brazil (6.5%), UK (5.4%), and Russia (5.1%). 🇬🇧 Made leap into the fourth position. https://get.opensuse.org/

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Do want to know what is happening with the ? What meetings are happening within the ? Visit https://calendar.opensuse.org/ to find out what's happening today.

categulario, to random Spanish
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ya vieron la nueva interfaz de ? ta re chula

@categulario@mstdn.mx avatar

porque el público exigente lo pidió...

así se ve 3.0.20 bajado de los repos de

Benja, to openSUSE Spanish
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Estrenando fastfetch... Para el y por supuesto en Tw. :opensuse: :linux:

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We've making some minor adjustments with for our Conference schedule. Check out the talks we have on the this year. It's a you won't want to miss. https://events.opensuse.org/

thelinuxcast, to openSUSE
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Went through 5113 packages on my install and managed to uninstall 200 or so.

Not the greatest spring cleaning ever, lol.

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Are you interested in to the Project & becoming a of the ? Get more & find out how simple it can be. https://en.opensuse.org/openSUSE:Members#How_to_become_a_Member

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Day 300. is nearing the year mark. Still loving . I don't think I'll make it to the year mark before doing a fresh install, though. I may try to just clean out some of my packages manually and see if I can clean up that way without nuking and paving. Then I can keep this install.

thelinuxcast, to openSUSE
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Anyone else get a lot of package downgrades on tumbleweed? Over 100 packages to be downgraded.

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Not till yesterday.
What repos do you use?
(I only use default + MPEG and in some desktops Packman (Essentials) as well.

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