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#Laravel models can use casts to transform a value when either getting or setting it. In this case I use this feature to remove id, class and style attributes from an HTML string while I want to keep the other ones.

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I was asked to upgrade/update an old (5.3) project to the latest version of laravel and . I’ve already seen the code and let’s say it’s going to be interesting. A lot of customizations 😱 Not calling parent constructors which contain dependencies for example (probably not necessary). And also not even following certain Laravel standards. What did they use of the Laravel framework? Facades and helper functions 😑 (I really don’t like them, just use constructor DI 😉)

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Let's checkout three of the configuration options available as part of Laravel 11's Automatic Password Rehashing: custom fields, disabling rehashing, and changing bcrypt rounds.

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"How to contribute to PHP?" will be Gina Peter Banyard 's talk at phpday24.
@Girgias is PHP Core dev

Verona | 16-17 May
Tickets 🎫

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Anyone have a good config for coding in with in ?

I’ve got intelephense pro working but it keeps trying to reformat the default/generated laravel file formatting and it’s bugging me super bad.

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Upgrading to 11, which removes a lot of the framework code required in your app.

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so @weaverryan has just announced he has an incurable type of brain cancer.

His family needs support and I know the loves to show up for people in the community. Please help out if you can.

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Upgrading to 3 deletes all my data in PROD?
WHY? All data is GONE.

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I love good seeders for developing a project with .

It's just so awesome to let someone new into the project they enter one command and after a short time they can login and have a ton of plausible test data.

Takes a bit time to set it up but after that it saves so many hours of manually creating test data.

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Limiting access to remote files is easy if you're using something like S3, but what about limiting access to local files?

Here's my solution:

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Be sure to follow the Symfony Universe collection on the Threadiverse.

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Just going to nonchalantly shove in some awareness to my GitHub Sponsorship.

If you value my contributions to Open Source and Laravel, just leave a small tip or become a sponsor. It helps me pay the bills.

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I have 20 minutes. I should watch a video on

Oooh. What PHPStorm theme are they using?

{20 minutes searching for theme}

Another successful attempt at bettering myself.

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I'm pretty amazed with #Laravel+ #Vue+ #Inertia. In a nutshell, you don't have to write routes for your API endpoints and then routes in your frontend views, and then frontend methods to retrieve data and so on. You mostly work as if you were serving your server-side rendered views, write your models and controllers, and then you just pass the data as props to your Vue pages and components, and bang, done! I'm really having fun with my pet project. :)

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Ignition will now show Laravel 11’s context (if you have set some values)

Not seeing this? Just run composer update to pull in the latest version of Ignition.

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👍 Want to see Laravel’s 11 context in Ray? Ylaraveldo that now easily using



More on Laravel context:

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I'll likely have some, say, free time from now on. So I can finally begin with some pet projects as an excuse to keep on learning, and yesterday I began a #Laravel/ #Vue project. Something I thought would be fun to do and I can use after (and if) it's done, a web app where I can keep track of my favorite music, fill data wiki-style, write reviews, and who knows what else. Some hours into that and I remember why I loved Laravel so much since I learned it a bit. :)

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Has anyone done Slevomat coding rules for PHP-CS-Fixer? Want to see if Pint can use them

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One of my favourite security tricks is to install Canary Tokens in all of my apps. (I also put them in my live code talks too!)

They'll tell you if anyone is snooping around your code who shouldn't be! 🕵️

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Anyone out there in or -land explain this?

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