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I like how a 20-year old is a "boy" vs an adult when it's convenient.

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I've been pushing the limits of "Kids eat free" using this same principle


Don’t know what the standards are for this science page, but unless there’s no rules here, this doesn’t fit the bill. Not science. It’s an anecdote, and one posted on fox news nonetheless. I expect a sub like this for the most part to discuss peer reviewed works.


Maybe because there are no mods? the sidebar doesn’t list a mod.


Oh, huh. How did that happen… Can anyone become mod when there is nobody to appoint one?

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It's also basically a laundry list of every talking point transphobes use. I feel very bad for the adult (not a child, as they try to paint him) here, but this is an anecdote being spun into a dishonest propaganda piece.


delete this shit


Looks fake and transphobic ! Been seeing lods of conservative muricans in here just in a day


Yeah it seems like there’s been a big influx. I wish they’d just go live on Truth Social or something. I don’t want to see that crap here.


Mods, please kill this.

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Isn't it weird how knee replacement surgery has a dissatisfactory rate 100x that of gender transition surgery but Fox News doesn't write any articles about the millions of people that are dissatisfied with their new knees?

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It's not scary like choppin' off yer pee-pee, hee hawwww!

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Why is this here?
It is:

  1. Not science
  2. From a source that is the exact opposite of trustworthy.
  3. Disgusting that they're exploiting this man..
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Reported for misinformation.

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foxnews.com is a propaganda site, this is not news and it definitely is not science.


Fox News: The Uh Real Source for Science

Make Science Great Again…or something

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Maybe they should have waited longer to be sure or something. I feel like i knew all along and was lying to myself and i have enjoyed my life infinitely more after transitioning 8 years ago. I missed out so much just not being my honest self before that. Clearly this person had depression or something else going on with them and drs failed to screen them. Its not going to make you happy on its own either.


Ah yes, science with a very much peer reviewed study, right ?


This is antitrans propagandized filth. This isn’t science. This may not even be real. This doesn’t belong here.


Fox news website contains neither news nor foxes

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Fox News has been waiting for this guy!

Does this belong in science? More of a human interest story.

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