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Happy birthday to #biochemist Marie Maynard Daly (1921-2003), 1st Black woman to earn a PhD in #chemistry in the US! She made important research contributions to our understanding of the biochemisty of the cell nucleus & cardiovascular issues & the chemistry of histones & protein synthesis. She established that "no bases other than adenine, guanine, thymine, and cytosine were present in appreciable amounts" in DNA - #womenInSTEM #BlackInSTEM #histstm #printmaking #linocut #histmed #HeartDisease

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Belgian chemist, industrialist and philanthropist Ernest Solvay was born in 1838.

He is best known for his pioneering work in the chemical industry and for the establishment of the Solvay process for the manufacture of soda ash (sodium carbonate). In 1911, he began a series of important conferences in physics, known as the Solvay Conferences, whose participants included Max Planck, Ernest Rutherford, Maria Skłodowska-Curie, Henri Poincaré, and Albert Einstein.

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The portrait of participants to the first Solvay Conference in 1911. Ernest Solvay is the third seated from the left. Solvay was not present at the time the photo was taken, so his photo was cut and pasted onto this one for the official release.

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British scientist Rosalind Franklin died #OTD in 1958.

Her most famous contribution to science came from her X-ray diffraction images of DNA, particularly Photo 51, which provided crucial evidence for the double helix structure of DNA. Her photo was shared without her knowledge with J. Watson & F. Crick, who used it as a basis for their model of DNA's structure. Their work overshadowed her contribution, & she was not fully recognized for her role until after her death.

#science #chemistry

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The temptation to make baked goods I can't/won't eat just because I have a fresh batch of aqua faba...

I almost typed aqua regia there, and yeah I need to make some of that too, but I don't plan to do that at home or use it in baking.

If you live nearish and want some of the good vegan/gluten (grain) free cookies let me know and maybe we can meet up so I have an excuse to bake them (someone gifted me another bag of almond flour a couple of weeks ago).

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Listening to No Such Thing As A Fish - (526. No Such Thing As An Angry Banana): https://www.nosuchthingasafish.com

James, Anna, Andy and Alex Bell discuss Wasabi, Harriet T, an Angry Bee and NH3 (Haber-Bosch Process).

#Podcast #Chemistry

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Can anyone think of a way to "quench" a HBTU/HATU/etc type coupling that doesn't involve adding water?

I've used MeOH, but I sometimes get MeOH esters which in at least one case proved to be inseparable from the desired amide product (I'm sure you know exactly how frustrating that was).

It might be possible to use <1 equiv of water with my conditions, but I'd really rather not since I directly load onto silica and do not do an aqueous work-up.

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Finding ways to capture, store, and use carbon dioxide ( ) remains an urgent global problem. As temperatures continue to rise, keeping CO2 from entering the can help limit warming where carbon-based fuels are still needed.


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Thank you #NMR friends!

Your follows and interactions truly helps us to understand what ELEMENTS we need to engineer and integrate into our NMR data analysis platform.

@bioinformatics @biophysics @chemistry @compchem @nmrchat @strucbio

#biochemistry #bioinformatics #biology #biophysics #chemistry #CompChem #ENC2024 #LifeSciences #metabolomics #NMRChat #NMROnline #physics #spectroscopy #StructuralBiology #Twitter

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Interesting food chemistry story. Also implicitly a story about plant breeding. Many crops have different cultivars not just for different climates, but for different uses.


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Hmm, I wonder what this is. Don't remember that from high school chemistry, LOL. (Actually full of stinging nettle tea). #chemistry

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Does anyone on here have any experience with #refinishing #science #lab benches? Most are #epoxy #resin (very flat and smooth, softer) but some are #phenol (slight textured, harder & lighter). Flinn sells an epoxy product, but I have no idea if it’s any good. Please boost for visibility! #lablife #proflife #chemistry #biology #research #chemiverse

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British chemist and physicist William Crookes died #OTD in 1919.

He was a pioneer of vacuum tubes, inventing the Crookes tube which was made in 1875. This was a foundational discovery that eventually changed the whole of chemistry and physics. His experiments with cathode rays laid the groundwork for the discovery of the electron by J.J. Thomson. He is credited with discovering the element thallium, announced in 1861, with the help of spectroscopy.

#science #physics #chemistry

Drawing of a Crookes type x-ray tube made by Alfred Cossor, from the early 1900s. The caption text: 'A Cossor bulb with automatic softening device and fin radiator for cooling anticathode.' Alterations to image: cropped out caption. The electrode on the right is the aluminum cathode, which focuses a beam of electrons on a small (~1 mm) spot on the angled platinum anode target, called the 'anticathode', in the center of the bulb, creating x-rays. The anticathode is angled so the x-rays are radiated downwards, passing out through the glass side wall of the tube. The electrode at the 10 o'clock position is called the auxiliary anode. The sausage-shaped device at the top is an 'automatic softener' to control the pressure in the tube. Crookes type tubes required some gas in the tube to operate, but with time the residual gas was absorbed and the vacuum in the tube increased, requiring a higher potential to operate, generating 'harder' x-rays, until eventually the tube stopped operating. The 'softener' prevents this. When the pressure drops and the voltage across the tube increases, the anode potential arcs across the spark gap to the softener electrode, and the current heats the helical sleeve in the softener, which releases gas, raising the pressure in the tube. Alfred Charles Cossor's workshop in Clerkenwill, London was at that time the only British manufacturer of Crookes x-ray tubes. These cold cathode x-ray tubes were used until the 1920s.

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The chemistry of milk washing, aka the secret to Ben Franklin's favorite tipple


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Mariah The Scientist created unforgettable chemistry with her melancholy melodies at Toronto concert

#chemistry #toronto


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Holy shit just learned about the deposit just confirmed in ! Such good news for all the departments who were worried their (or budget!) was going to quench because of the cost and shortage!

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nmronline, to bioinformatics
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Black velvet display piece looking phenomenal in this light. Don't you just want to reach out and pet it like a precious little kitten? Very good looking piece.


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