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Cloe Abram visits and describes how the LHC at CERN works.


#Science #Physics #CERN #LHC

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English electrical engineer and physicist John Ambrose Fleming died in 1945.

He is best known for his invention of the vacuum tube diode, which he patented in 1904. The vacuum tube diode, also known as the Fleming valve, was the first practical vacuum tube and allowed for the detection & amplification of electrical signals. It was a crucial component in early radio receivers and telecommunications systems, laying the foundation for the development of modern electronics.

United States Patent 803,684; first sheet. Illustrations of the 'Fleming Valve', the first useful vacuum tube. John Ambrose Fleming, inventor. United States Patent Office (John Ambrose Fleming, inventor). - United States Patent Office.

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Fleming retired from University College in 1926 and received the Faraday Medal of the British Institution of Electrical Engineers in 1928. He was knighted in 1929 and elected president of the Television Society of London 1930. Fleming was awarded the IRE Medal of Honor in 1933, "For the conspicuous part he played in introducing physical and engineering principles into the radio art." via @ETHW

Books by John Ambrose Fleming at PG:

_thegeoff, to physics
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Off the wall question: the coldest place in the history of the universe is arguably on Earth, now. We've spent a lot of energy doing this. If the fate of the universe is a Heat Death, have we accelerated it a tiny bit by making stuff colder?

JeremyMallin, to physics
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What would the universe look like if there were more than one time-like dimensions?

sfuscience, to quantumcomputing
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Congratulations to #SFUPhysics professor Stephanie Simmons for making it onto #Macleans 2024 Power List for Tech! Simmons’ research focuses on developing cutting-edge silicon photonics, and their potential as a platform for ideal #quantum processing and transmitting interfaces for future quantum networks.
https://macleans.ca/society/the-power-list-tech #SFU #SFUScience #quantumcomputing #physics

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Quantum mechanics is the conjoined twin of physics.

mattontech, to space
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Apparently the sun is going to cook the Earth in 500 million years. Sooner than I thought.

But no worries, we can just throw asteroids at Jupiter…

Pretty fun stuff.


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Repost if you have been victimized by physics. #physics

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Belgian chemist, industrialist and philanthropist Ernest Solvay was born in 1838.

He is best known for his pioneering work in the chemical industry and for the establishment of the Solvay process for the manufacture of soda ash (sodium carbonate). In 1911, he began a series of important conferences in physics, known as the Solvay Conferences, whose participants included Max Planck, Ernest Rutherford, Maria Skłodowska-Curie, Henri Poincaré, and Albert Einstein.

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The portrait of participants to the first Solvay Conference in 1911. Ernest Solvay is the third seated from the left. Solvay was not present at the time the photo was taken, so his photo was cut and pasted onto this one for the official release.

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Elegant obituary for #PeterHiggs, discoverer of the #HiggsBoson. He died about a week ago, aged 94. https://www.nature.com/articles/d41586-024-01103-7 #physics

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⚛️ The Quest to Map the Inside of the Proton | WIRED

「 Physicists have begun to explore the proton as if it were a subatomic planet. Cutaway maps display newfound details of the particle’s interior. The proton’s core features pressures more intense than in any other known form of matter. Halfway to the surface, clashing vortices of force push against each other. And the “planet” as a whole is smaller than previous experiments had suggested 」


#Proton #Physics #Science

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Back in the 1970s (yes, I’m old), I postulated that natural lasers could be generated by biological entities.

#physics #writing

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Happy birthday Euler, master of us all!🎂

"Read Euler, read Euler, he is the master of us all" (Laplace)

#science #physics #euler

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“After almost a century of arguments, physicists still disagree on how to make the leap from mathematics to the tangible, physical world.”

#science #quantum #physics #multiverse #schrodinger
#cat #ManyWorlds

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April 14 has been designated World Quantum Day in honour of Planck’s Constant which can be rounded to h~ 4.14×10−15 eV·s (and some folks write April 14 as 4/14*). Planck’s constant comes up a lot in quantum mechanics; for instance a photon’s energy is h times its frequency). So I thought I would share Feynman Bauhaus.

SergKoren, to writing
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“In an alternate universe, you were never born. Parallel universes don’t care. Everyone talks about how they are different, but there are an infinite number of universes identical to this one. No one has, yet, proven that the number holds any significance.”

#writing #physics #philosophy

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When I made the figure below I used LaTeX, powerpoint and then LaTeX again. Having learned some TikZ I now think I could draw it using TikZ, but apparently I'm too lazy...

A few of my notes on the subject of this figure (and other stuff) are here: https://davidmeyer.github.io/qc/dual_beam_experiment.pdf. As always, questions/comments/corrections/* greatly appreciated.

j_bertolotti, to physics
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tournesol, to academia
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Okay, that hit way too close to home… ​:meow_smile_through_tears:​ #Academia #Science #PhD #PhDStudent

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hum actually, I invite you to watch this video

After watching it, I know why this thumbnail talks to me that much.
She talks about her story in physics research academia, she talked about my future in biology research academia.

Every point she makes in this video, I share them and I’ve been repeating it for years.
I love science, but I can’t do honest science in this system. It’s morally made to make money, and money is the sole reason why people write papers, not truth and discovery.

I really don’t know what I can do in my life with that much passion in a field but no way to practice it.

Really, watch it

#Academia #Science #PhD #PhDStudent #Physics #Biology

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Veritasium comment - "I realized that even what I thought of as the ‘safe path’ was uncertain so I may as well go after what I truly want. That led me here. [science communication on his youtube channel]"

What even is my path ??

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Hi! I've been on mastodon since summer 2023, but this is my brand new account. I'm interested in respecting software, science, and overall community driven spaces. I study , I'm a beginner-level programmer, and would like to start contributing to some projects or sharing my own code. I thought I'd join floss.social to be in a community of like-minded people. I also like . That's all for now. Have a nice day!

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