9to5linux, (edited ) to linux
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Weekly Roundup for June 9th, 2024: Core 24, adds 46 and Plasma 6 support, KDE Frameworks 6.3, 3.0.21, Ubuntu 23.10 EOL approaching, Kali Linux 2024.2, Parrot OS 6.1, blendOS 4, CachyOS adds support for T2 Macs, 550.90.07, and more https://9to5linux.com/9to5linux-weekly-roundup-june-9th-2024

SenseException, to steam German
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On a sidenote: I found the #Proton version that made #Steam windows games run on #Ubuntu 22.04 for my #Lenovo Thinkpad P15. It's 6.3-8.

linuxiac, to linux
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Need to install a DEB file in Ubuntu 24.04 LTS? Our guide offers simple steps for GUI and command line methods.

LouisIngenthron, to linux
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Okay, gonna give another shot today.

Last time I tried a couple weeks ago, it ended in unmitigated disaster after hours of trying. Let's hope this week goes better. I need to at least get a basic distro working so I can start testing Linux builds of game, even if I can't get it working well enough for day-to-day development.

I'm making a couple changes from last time I tried:

  1. I'm simplifying my monitors. I normally have 5 monitors, operating from both the ports on the PCI GPU as well as the built-into-the-motherboard GPU ports. Windows was able to handle that with no problem, but I think it's an uncommon enough setup that it's making Linux choke. I think I can make it work with 4 monitors on just the dedicated GPU.

  2. I'm trying more distros. Before I shut down Windows, I'll have 7 different labelled thumb drives: Linux , , , , , , and

Unfortunately, I can't currently switch from NVIDIA graphics cards because of a vendor requirement of one of my clients, so that's just a limitation I'll need to live with.

Here's hoping I can get it to work this time.

popey, to ubuntu
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Installed 12.04 on this ThinkPad a while back, then upgraded it to 14.04. I wonder if it can go all the way through 16.04, 18.04, 20.04, 22.04 and successfully end up on 24.04...

A screenshot of Ubuntu 14.04 desktop with a terminal running neofetch, a telegram window with the Linux Matters channel showing, and an update manager dialog telling me I should upgrade..

dada, to ubuntu French
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Bon, #Ubuntu 24.04 est impressionnant de stabilité mais #Firefox en snap pour mon vieux x280, ça n'est pas gérable.

Retour en .deb et je vous redis si c'est bien un problème de ressources ou si c'est autre chose.

ascherbaum, to ubuntu
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br00t4c, to ubuntu
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sonny, to linux
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Interested in tooling for development and QA on immutable / image based Linux?

Checkout https://discourse.gnome.org/t/towards-a-better-way-to-hack-and-test-your-system-components/21075 by @tchx84

Feedback welcome ! This is a collaboration between @gnome @codethink and @sovtechfund ❤️

#Linux #systemd #Silverblue #GNOME #freedesktop #KDE #Ubuntu #SUSE #Fedora #NixOS #postmarketOS

blendOS, to archlinux
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blendOS v4 has been released! made , , and Atomic. Define your system with a single YAML file ('/system.yaml') supporting packages/kernels/DEs from the Arch repos & .

, apps & , , , and Stream packages can be installed too (), and integrate with your host system.


P.S. We just joined Mastodon!

astian, to technology
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The new version of Midori will have a new and improved private mode to guarantee a more private, clean, secure and extremely fast navigation.

Coming soon


#midori #midoribrowser #browser #technology #tech #privacy #linux #ubuntu #debian #windows

ottoto2017, to Windows11 Japanese
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#Lansweeter は世の中にたくさんの #CentOS Linux を見つけます」: The Register

「ネットワーク スキャンにより、Linux ボックスの 26% が #CentOS7 であり、今月下旬に #EOL であることが判明しました。 次は何が起こる?

Lansweeter は昨年、 PC 10 台中 4 台が Windows 11 を実行できない という前年のレポートに続き、 #Windows11
の採用率が 8% であることを暴露しました 。
Linux マシンの 3 分の 1 が #Ubuntu を実行しており、2 位は CentOS Linux となっています。

CentOS7 を使っているユーザーがどうするかいくつかのオプションを論議。


#prattohome #TheRegister

boilingsteam, to linux
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Omakub – A Developer Setup for Ubuntu: https://omakub.org/

darkcisum, to ubuntu
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Ever needed to do a clean MySQL / MariaDB installation on WSL2 / Ubuntu?

I've written down the steps I used just recently, when cleaning up a previous broken MySQL installation: https://duerrenberger.dev/blog/2024/06/04/clean-reinstall-of-mysql-on-ubuntu/

#mysql #mariadb #ubuntu #wsl2

anna, to linux
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Linux and macOS users, please advise?

I need to specify my preferences for a work station setup. I have been using Kubuntu for both my professional and personal machines for the last 7 years, so I'd been thinking of getting a Dell laptop and installing Kubuntu. I would just accept that things like Outlook and Teams would only work in the browser, and that I may have to use a virtual machine in the rare cases that I really need to run something on Windows.

However, I am now considering a MacBook, instead. An advantage would be that all my employer's office software would just run, while the OS is still Unix-like. Potential disadvantages include 1) having to get used to a new OS, 2) maybe having less freedom?, and 3) all my external hard drives with backups and data from earlier projects are using the ext4 file system, and I hear that macOS doesn't like that.

Are there any people out there who have experience using both Linux and macOS, and can share some insights on which they prefer and why? Thanks!

itsfoss, to linux
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Ubuntu Core 24 has been introduced with improvements for AI use cases!


#linux #ubuntu

popey, to ubuntu
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~ Twenty years ago, I used Kino on BrownBuntu to capture our honeymoon video footage from the Maldives using a Sony Handycam. I should probably edit that video at some point...

This screenshot is from March 2005.


9to5linux, to ubuntu
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PSA: #Ubuntu 23.10 “Mantic Minotaur” Will Reach End of Life on July 11th, 2024 https://9to5linux.com/ubuntu-23-10-mantic-minotaur-to-reach-end-of-life-on-july-11th-2024

#OpenSource #Linux

linuxiac, to linux
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Ubuntu Core 24, an OS for IoT devices, launches with a new factory install system, GPU support for AI applications, support for Raspberry Pi 5, and more.

9to5linux, to ubuntu
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simon_brooke, to ubuntu
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I think I've whinged here before about my difficulties with #Shotwell after switching from #Ubuntu to #Debian. Well, I've fixed it, and I've published a gist in case anyone wants to do the same.


governa, to macbookair
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of my 2013 11" A1466 running 22.04 LTS :ubuntu: :apple_inc:

orange_lux, to linux
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Ce soir, je ressuscite un vieil ordi portable.

Je suis assez déçue du comportement de Canonical (Ubuntu) et leur manière de forcer à utiliser leur propre store en rendant beaucoup plus complexe l'installation de fichiers qui devraient s'installer en un double clic (cf https://news.itsfoss.com/ubuntu-24-04-disappointment/), du coup j'essaye Linux Mint.

astian, to privacy
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We continue advancing with the development of our VPN client that will be available within Midori web browser, this is a short video about how it works.


MidoriVPN coming soon

WanderingInDigitalWorlds, to ubuntu
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I installed the PPA of LibreOffice because the Snap version is garbage. However, thankfully, the other Snaps I use aren't terrible. I will continue to vary the ways I install programs, using the best versions of each. As this is a good way to approach installing software on Ubuntu!

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