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You know Billy, what worries me is how your mother is going to take this.

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That scene still haunts me.


I just watched In the Hands of the Prophets for the first time a few days ago. The conversations between her and Sisko are master class in acting. The way Avery expresses Sisko holding it together, when you know he just wants to unleash on her. And the way she delivers her lines cold and they cut so deep, all while having a smile on her face. It is so good it is scary.

She delivers the line, “May the Prophets forgive you for abandoning them” like she is spitting at him, but is very monotone and matter of fact with a smirk. I honestly don’t know how she does it.


She’s probably one of the top five rage/hate/appreciate combination of an actor and character in television.


Love to hate her, she’s easily one of the best.

Apparently wholesome as fuck off screen, too.


I really enjoyed despising Kai Winn. She’s such a broken character, always choosing the wrong side and still being completely convinced that her way is without alternative.

Still, I had some level of empathy with her (the gods she, in a way dedicated her love to, never chose her, never spoke to her and when she finally received visions, it was demons deceiving her). Fletchers performance is just the best.


She was the chosen betrayer and played her role in the prophecy.


I really enjoyed despising Kai Winn

Kai Winn = Villain you love to hate.

I think because she seems to real and believable. You look at it and think “wow this could be a politician/religious authority IRL. I’ve seen people like this.”

It’s kinda like how if someone kills someone on TV you don’t think much of it because it’s not something most people can really relate to. If you see someone cheat on their partner, though? It fills you with rage because for a lot of people, it’s relatable and it hits close to home. She’s a real-world villain.

Gul Dukat = villain you hate that you kinda love

He’s constantly switching from very obviously evil to seemingly redeemable. You even see some qualities of him that are really good - he clearly cared about his daughter, and on more than one occasion he was extremely quick to change his mind and say he was wrong, something even good people struggle with. And he just has this ridiculous charisma.

Then you feel shitty when he snaps and goes full mask-off evil, guilty for falling for his charisma and ever thinking he could turn good.

I haven’t even spoken about the Founders, Vorta, and Jem’hadar, they were all great too. Man DS9 had fantastic bad guys.


You can remove everything except for “my child” and it’s still accurate.


Billed in Hollywood as ‘The Man You Love To Hate.’

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She'd have made a great Dolores Umbridge. (Not to detract from the hatred Imelda Staunton succeeded in generating, she was great too!)


If those films had been American instead of British, she’d have been a shoe-in.

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Louise Fletcher was an awesome lady. Here’s part of her Oscar speech after she won for playing Nurse Ratched:

Well, it looks like you all hated me so much that you’ve given me this award for it, and I’m loving every minute of it. And all I can say is I’ve loved being hated by you.

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I want to body slam that piece of shit into the nearest galactic barrier.


She’s like the dude from the Voices Carry video. Every frame they appear in makes you want to push the Earth into a black hole just because they are on it.


I need more Raktajino. I read:

Your Gagh is strong my child.

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An honorable meal!


Still wriggling!

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