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everett, in 13 May 2024

So amazingly primitive they still thought digital time machines were a pretty neat idea.


Wow, I guess a couple of people didn’t get the reference huh? Oh well, always a risk when you try reference humor dry.



guyrocket, in 11 May 2024
guyrocket avatar

Ah, yes. The stone age crescent brand.

lugal, in 7 May 2024

It’s the gardener. It’s always the gardener


Nice try, Jeeves

guyrocket, in 2 May 2024
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bionicjoey, in 24 April 2024


EsteemedRectangle, in 10 February 2024

Is she putting the dogaway back into its box? If so, because it did its job? Or did they just buy a brand new dogaway and are about to release it for the first time? It looks like she is pushing the box down on that dogaway’s head, so it leads me to believe it’s the former. But based on the instructions that the guy is reading it leads me to believe it’s the latter.


I think Mrs. got a little too anxious and instead of putting the box in the yard, tried to open it inside. She’s just now realizing her mistake but the proverbial genie can’t be put back in the bottle. The barn door is attempting to be closed with the lovecraftian horse running free. Dog-be-gone also doubles as Karen-be-gone


This was my take too. The anti-dog folks aren’t too bright.

x4740N, in 8 February 2024

Took me a while to realise it was tarzan

Was trying to figure out why a cavewoman had a dress

sugar_in_your_tea, in 22 January 2024
ForestOrca, (edited )
ForestOrca avatar

d'oh! beat me to it! LoL :-D

"Kritsky noted on his website,, that it's rare to have a dual emergence between Broods XIII and XIX, an occurrence that only happens once every 221 years." Ooh, go check out the website. Super nifty cicada info!!

Illinois and SE US should be the big locations. Anyone got cicada recipes they want to share?

ArtieShaw avatar

I've heard connoisseurs recommend eating the newly molted cicadas when they're as fresh as possible - before the exoskeleton has time to dry. This keeps their texture soft, like cooked shrimp. Or so I'm told.

A local pizza shop around here made cicada pizza with brook X a few years ago.

Option 3 might be something like those deep fried scorpion skewers you sometimes see in Asia. If you can get past the crunch, it might be nice with some spicy seasoning.

ForestOrca avatar

I saw one come up from the ground one time, and they appear very delicate at that point. It didn't take long for it to find a place in the sun, the wings to uncurl, and harden, then it flew away. I'm seeing some recipes, basically fry and toss with salt, spices, lime, etc. I'm not in The Zone for this one, but there are always some around here in season.

Yay for Artie Shaw!!

ElectricTrombone, in 19 January 2024 avatar

That’s why you gotta use the slow ramp. They love the slow ramp.

cryptosporidium140, in 19 January 2024


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  • Murdoc,

    Ah, you had me worried for a second there by calling it a ‘practice’. Turns out it was just a fictional one. 😅
    Otherwise I was just going to mention William’s attention-seeking son, Showen Tell.

    guyrocket, in 18 January 2024
    guyrocket avatar

    This reminds of a long time ago when they were rolling out Outlook to replace the other email client we had. It was a big mess. One guy suggested the haul and crawl folk running between everyone's PCs should say "Look out!" instead of Outlook.

    This is why I call it Look Out now instead of Outlook.

    cloudless, avatar

    Brace for impact. The New Outlook will be pushed to you sooner than you want.


    The new Outlook will be pushed to into you sooner than you want.

    bionicjoey, in 17 January 2024

    For the unaware, “Shave and a haircut (two bits)” is this classic melody:

    dohpaz42, avatar

    That’s what that is called? TIL.


    Why does everyone instinctively know this knock? And where does this come from?


    Dang it, you gave it away! Now we have to change the knock.


    Right? Thanks for nothing asshole!

    Obviously you’re not a golfer…

    bionicjoey, in 22 December 2023

    I love how chonky the moose looks


    It’s all the layers they didn’t sand

    Daefsdeda, in 13 November 2023

    People always do be comparing themselves.


    I walked on the moon!

    JoMiran, in 10 November 2023 avatar
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