OC What are you playing this week?

Back with the weekly thread!

My son and I have been playing Bluey: The Video Game. He has definitely enjoyed it. It is basically one big collect-athon where you are doing an interactive episode of Bluey, more or less. At $40 I would say the price is fine but it’s a little thin/janky at times. Still, they got the voice actors and my son seems to love it, so the primary check boxes are definitely ticked.

We get to spend 20 to 30 minutes running around memorable locations from the show, many of which are pretty much carbon copy lifted straight from the show, so he’s happy haha!

What have y’all been playing?

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I’ve been playing Project Zomboid and Farming Simulator 22 with my friends. Both great games, Zomboid is a hard game, until you start grasping all the mechanics, then it becomes a game of how long you will survive instead of surviving your first 2-3 days :)

and Farming Simulator is my drinking game, the game is chill, you get on discord with some friends and you can talk about anything and everything, cause you’re mostly driving in straight line. Pop open a beer and enjoy (keep going in straight lines)

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I’ve heard a lot of good things about PZ! My understanding is the mechanics are incredibly thorough and rewarding

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Blade & Sorcery (VR)
Age of Mythology
NGU Idle
Ashes of the Singularity


Been playing Fallout 3, and having a blast!

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That game is truly special. The DLC is also fantastic across the board


Yeah, it’s fantastic to zone out.

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