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I love this new era of MiniPCs and inexpensive laptops, but the folks at AceMagic seem to be struggling with their QA...
Is it as much of a bargain if you have to sort out issues with malware?

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Red squirrels in the Queen Elizabeth forest in the Trossachs.


Taken with a hand held camera because I wasn't expecting to video, I was there to get snaps of the birds from the bird hide, but they were were just so cute.

Also cheeky, stealing ALL THE NUTS.

Video footage of red squirrels on a tree trunk with a bird nut feeder attached to it. They circle around it, chasing each other, before one stops to have a good old munch of nuts, before the other reappears and they dash off up the tree.

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One of my students brought this piece of news at the end of a morning class today and I am still trying to wrap my head around it.


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Can we learn something from the way the oil industry played out? 🤔


#ai #sourcegraph #video #startups

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Google's update to their Find My Device network is a REALLY big deal!
Apple has been holding this market hostage for almost a year now, but soon Android users will have access to new accessories and features to find phones, tablets, smartwatches, and other possessions.
Here's a quick look at the upgraded app, and some thoughts on what's to come!

#tech #technology #google #bbtg #privacy #security #youtube #video

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Bro, this cat lied on his resume LMAO 😂


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Bildschirmaufnahme mit VokoscreenNG

Bildschirmaufnahme mit VokoscreenNG: Eine sehr einfach zu bedienende, junge Anwendung für die Aufnahme von Bild und Ton direkt vom Bildschirm. Sie ist erhältlich für Linux und Windows.

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Liebe #FahrradBubble #Berlin
Leider fehlt uns von der letzten #Mittwochsdemo am 3.4. von der Rede Benjamins vor dem #Verkehrsministerium ein brauchbares #Video.
Falls also jemand dort mitgefilmt hat und uns die Aufnahme zur Verfügung stellen möchte, gerne hier per PM melden.

#RespectCyclists #b0304 #Fahrraddemo #Verkehrswende #Mobilitätswende

@verkehrswendelive @fedibikes_berlin

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I just released a new video piece. I called it INK because there's a lot of ink in the video and "Ink" looks so small. Sounds composed with Csound using a python script I wrote to analyze the individual frames of the video. I hope you like it!

#video #art #csound #ink #visualArt #soundArt #shortFilm #abstractArt

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New video! We take a look at every game that originated on the NES and received a Mega Drive port! #SegaDriven #YouTube #Gaming #Nes #MegaDrive #SegaGenesis #Video #Sega

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:flag_uk_fb: Hello Britain! :flag_uk_fb:

Your yearly reminder that there are more than two political parties in the UK and despite the voting system being first-past-the-post, which favours the Reds and the Blues, you can + should vote for whoever you like. :face_sunglasses_fb:

I have always voted Green in the UK and if you like the sound of their policies, then you should consider it too. :tongue_wink_fb:

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Here is a good #YouTube video which explains why the #GreenParty don't fair so well under a first-past-the-post system, which is highly related to the two points above:

#UKpol #UKpolitics #UK #UnitedKingdom #Politics #GreenPolitics #Video #FirstPastThePost #MakeVotesMatter

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Did you know ...? 😏
Some TUXEDOs are also available with a #Premium mechanical #keyboard with #cherrymx switches. Have a listening!

And here are the TUXEDOs:

#tuxedo #linux #video

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CHALLENGE! I'm not a big fan of wireless charging on smartphones, but my buddy Ricky is. We hosted a two-part debate to argue out what's the more convenient way to charge your phone!
Wireless charging vs FAST charging! What do YOU prefer?

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En #LiberaFolio :
Tuj aperos la unua televidserio en Esperanto

Ne ekzistas esperantlingvaj televidstacioj, sed tamen povas ekzisti esperantlingva realec-televido. La unua tia serio nomiĝas Esperanto Senlime kaj estis produktita de TEJO kun subteno de Eŭropa Unio. La unua epizodo spekteblos en la reto post iom pli ol monato.

#serio #televidserio #tejo #esperanto #lang_eo #kulturo #video #gazetaro #media #euxropaUnio

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#TIL that 2 kiwi comedians made a documentary series for theSpinOff called Porn Revolution;

#video #documentary #porn #PornRevolution

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Made a rambly 30+ minute video with shaky webcam footage documenting my final moments of 3DS online tonight.

It's currently published on YouTube, trying to setup a PeerTube account so maybe I can post more stuff like this on the fediverse in the future. I'll link that in a reply if and when it happens.

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Scott Vokes on An Efficient Context-Free Parsing Algorithm [PWL SF] 5/2018 - originally posted on Jun 10, 2018


#paperswelove #video

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Super interesting experiments doing video compositing using sodium vapor lamps. (12 min)

It's basically what Disney used to have actors in front of animated backgrounds in Mary Poppins (1964). The process allows you to composite half-transparent things that traditional chroma keying like greenscreen and bluescreen struggle with, e.g. glass, water, veils, hair and motion blur, with minimal to no visible artifacts.

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Latest Android Weekly Issue 616 is out!

mohsenoid, avatar

Dear @androidweekly,

Thanks again for spreading the word for another "Android Developer Tips" video:

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