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As someone who occasionally paints flags, having to buy two different shades of the same color is a pain in the ass.

The blues in this flag are also a little hard to focus on when you look at it.

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After making a nonsensical alignment chart of Minnesota redesigns, I felt it'd make sense to post my own here. Even out of my already simple set of state flag redesigns, this is probably one of the most barebones.


  • The white star in the top left references Minnesota's motto ("L'Étoile du Nord", meaning "Star of the North") and one of its nicknames (the North Star State).
  • The dark blue at the bottom alludes to Minnesota's many lakes, which are the source of another nickname (the Land of 10,000 Lakes).
  • The white line represents the snowy winters of the state.
  • The azure background is meant to evoke a winter sky.
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