TIL Heinz is from Pennsylvania.

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Nice and well thought out flag! It ticks all boxes for a good design.

I think I prefer this to the most famous keystone proposal. Putting the keystones in the middle make them more clearly look like keystones, rather than just a strange middle field. Matching William Penn’s coat of arms is also a nice bonus.

Popular “keystone” proposal for reference:

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Thanks! The Keystone Flag design is also really nice, but I personally prefer mine for the colors and symbolism (totally not biased at all).

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This is my flag redesign for Pennsylvania, also known as the Keystone State. This is probably one of my favorites.


  • The general layout of the flag (a tricolor with three white icons on the center stripe) comes from William Penn's coat of arms.
  • Gold and blue are Pennsylvania's state colors. The white stripe is there for visual variety.
  • The icons in the center are keystones, representing Pennsylvania's aforementioned nickname.

Isn’t the point of a keystone to be the singular central stone in an arch?

ThatOneKirbyMain2568 avatar

It is, but I don't think that means there has to be only one in the flag. The shape alone already represents "keystone" very well, and having three of them lets me allude to William Penn's coat of arms.

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