guyrocket, in Now that Minnesota's new flag has been finalized for a while, what are your thoughts?
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I can only hope the ice blue keeps people away from Minnesota.

Erikatharsis, in Harford County - Maryland - United States.,_Maryland
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According to the county's official website, the golden/yellow color represents the wealth of the county and the richness of its fields, while the blue wavy bands represent Deer Creek, Bynum Run, and Winters Run. Atop the shield is a two-handed forearm, the one holding a quill to symbolize the signing of the Bush Declaration, and the other holding a sword to symbolize Aberdeen Proving Ground.

The county motto, "At the Risque of Our Lives and Fortunes", are the final words of the Bush Declaration.

This flag has some great symbolism, and the coat of arms by itself is great. I just wish that this flag incorporated these elements in a way that was more readily visible at a distance.

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@Erikatharsis great info thanks for the write up!

ThatOneKirbyMain2568, in An interesting design for a 51-star US flag
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From what I can gather, this particular design was proposed by Puerto Rico's New Progressive Party (Partido Nuevo Progresista or PNP), which advocates for Puerto Rican statehood. The circle definitely has its appeal, though I think I'd prefer something closer to the current flag.

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I think I'd prefer something closer to the current flag.

I think the most common idea is alternating rows of 9 and 8. The circle is especially good for differentiating though, so an in-progress campaign would probably like it.

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Yeah, the one with alternating rows is the one I see most and the one I'd prefer. You make a good point about the circle being different though. Honestly never thought about it that way, but with that in mind, I can see why the PNP would opt for something like this.

ThatOneKirbyMain2568, in The Northern Territory's flag has really nice colors.
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The Northern Territory has what's probably my favorite Australian flag. Idk, that shade of brown is just really cool. It's like candy.

I want to eat the flag.

FfaerieOxide, in My attempt at redesigning New York's flag
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With the sharp points it looks more like a flag of that sex abuse cult everyone pretends is a legitimate church than as one assumes you were going for indicative of a city skyline.

You could make the angles of the white less steep to alleviate that but then would need face its seeming focus of The City for a flag ostensibly of an entire state.

mipadaitu, in My attempt at redesigning New York's flag

I like it, very good design, but for some reason it kind of feels like a college flag and I’m not sure why.

ThatOneKirbyMain2568, in My attempt at redesigning New York's flag
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When I was going through redesigning all of the U.S. state flags, this is one of the first designs I made. Here's the symbolism:

  • The colors are reminiscent of the orange, white, & blue pattern used in many of New York's state flag.
    • The blue has been replaced with the purple of the Iroquois flag.
  • The white shape in the center holds several meanings.
    • It resembles a crown to represent New York being the Empire State.
    • It points upward to represent New York's motto: "Excelsior" ("Higher").
    • It looks somewhat like tall skyscrapers because duh.
ThatOneKirbyMain2568, in On January 19, 1929, the flag of Nova Scotia received a royal warrant from King George V, making it the first flag in the Commonwealth approved by royal charter.
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While I'm never a fan of coats of arms on flags — displaying the coat of arms is what, well, the coat of arms is for — this is actually pretty solid. The background is a Scottish flag with swapped colors, which makes sense given the province literally being called "New Scotland", and the royal arms use a small set of colors that go well with the rest of the flag.

Ostrichgrif, in A slight redesign of Rhode Island's flag

I really like the redesign. Although the flag is already good, removing the hope banner was definitely necessary. I like the blue background but honestly I think I like the white one more for some reason. Maybe the white conjures more of a state flag look than a random flag you’d see on the water. The maritime connotation was definitely intentional and this is just one person’s opinion. Great work, hopefully you make some more of these.

ThatOneKirbyMain2568 avatar

Glad you liked it! I think I see where you're coming from on the background. Yellow on white is pretty rare due to the colors having less contrast — in fact, yellow on white violates the heraldic rule of tincture, which states that "metals" (yellow & white) should not go on each other. This makes Rhode Island's use of yellow on white a lot more unique than yellow on blue, even if I feel the latter looks better.

Also, thinking about this had made me realize that this is eerily similar to the EU flag).

ThatOneKirbyMain2568, in A slight redesign of Rhode Island's flag
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The current flag

Since I already like Rhode Island's flag a lot, I didn't want to go too far from the original design. I decided to make the following three changes:

  • The background was changed from white to blue. I felt yellow on blue popped a lot more due to the higher contrast, and it helps a lot with the nautical vibe.
  • The "HOPE" ribbon was removed. It's fine, but I prefer the flag without it.
  • The ratio was changed from 29:33 (🤮) to 1:1 to match maritime signal flags.
ThatOneKirbyMain2568, in Libya's iconic 1977–2011 flag
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This flag was used by the Great Socialist People's Libyan Arab Jamahiriya. As you can see, it has a very intricate design rich with symbolism.

Fun fact: The escutcheon (shield) of the Jamahiriya's coat of arms is similarly detailed.

tdawg, in Flag of the Flag Society of Australia

But is there a flag for people who enjoy flag societies having flags? Some sort of flag society society flag

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You'd need to have a flag society society before you could have a flag society society flag. /m/flagsocieties anyone?

ThatOneKirbyMain2568, in Flag of the Flag Society of Australia
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Continuing with the trend of vexillological organizations having their own flags, the Flag Society of Australia has one. While the flag within the flag looks really cool and has a nice color palette, I think the flag as a whole looks a bit odd. The Southern Cross looks weird since its stars are crowded closer together but not shrunken themselves, and the arrangement of everything just doesn't work imo.

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Ironically bad flag. It’s like flag fanfiction

drunkosaurus, in On January 8, 1996, the Seychelles adopted its current flag, the third design since its independence from the UK.

It looks like they just combined Romania and Hungary.

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But you see, they did it with triangles.

Hello_there, in Now that Minnesota's new flag has been finalized for a while, what are your thoughts?

Could have had a laser loon. Cowards.

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