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Oh sick. There's a vexillological community here. It's an honour to be joined by such visionaries.


Here is the tier list:

spoiler___ don’t understand his A tier flags, they’re over detailed. Is it meant as a joke?

bionicjoey, (edited )

I think in both cases for the A tier flags he is giving them points for having the Maryland factor.

That being said, I’m amazed NL’s flag doesn’t score higher. It is probably tied for my favourite with Quebec’s and I’m neither Newfie nor Quebecois.

Also a bit disappointed that he didn’t mention some of the other famous unofficial flags like,

Ontarian Francophones,

The Acadian flag,

The Mi’kmaq flag,

Or the Iroquois Flag,

Canada has many awesome flags, but a lot of them aren’t provincial

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He seems to really like "Maryland-style" flags, which just have a ton going on all over the place. I don't really like those kinds of flags, though honestly New Brunswick's isn't that bad. The top and bottom strips each stick to a solid color on a solid background (yellow on red for the top and white on blue for the bottom). I'm not a huge fan of the middle strip with the ship — I think it would be better if it stuck to solid color on solid color like the top and bottom — but it doesn't use that many colors and goes well with the water.


It’s funny that CGP grey is still a thing. I remember on his podcast (a looong time ago) talking about getting into productivity software. Iirc it went on to take him almost years before getting out any new content

He went from being under produced and fun, to over produced untimely, and kind of unbearable.


Wow I don’t remember this at all, honestly I don’t remember him having a gap longer than 8 months between video releases. Are you sure it was him?

His recent (ish) stuff is amazing imo. SHARKS! and the Tiffany companion video are my two favorites by far.


We’re different generations of CGP grey enjoyers,almost assuredly. I mean I was fan club level fan for a while (like patron, bought the swag, etc).

But success and becoming “pro” really ruined it . Yeah 8 months. That’s ridiculous for a gap. And it was longer and longer between videos for lower quality stuff. His transition to me was reflective of when YouTube stopped being a place for amateurs to share their amateur thing, and became a place where people were trying to “make it”. CPGs journey is like, that exact arc, and it ruined it. I think his AI video, the first he had that COMPLETELY blew up for him, it changed how he thought about his content and videos. He out in a lot more effoet, slowed the pace of the videos and of production, and it want from casual and delightful to produced and pedantic.

That change occured in like, 2014-15 so it’s fair if you like Grey for what it is now, but not for me.


I was also a fan back in those days too, I didn’t start listening to cortex or subscribe to Patreon until 2020ish, but I’ve been subscribed at least since the AI video, probably since “humans need not apply”. I won’t deny that his content flavor has changed, but he has adapted to the new YouTube dynamic pretty well.


Right. Humans need not apply is around (soon after) when i stopped watching.

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