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Ngl I wish every New England state had a pine tree on their flag. It’s such a great symbol for a flag. Recognizable, easy to prescribe meaning to, historically significant, and easy to draw.

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100% agree. I don't have pine trees on all my New England flag redesigns (just New Hampshire, Massachusetts, and Maine), but I might make versions where all of them do, maybe with the same pine tree design.


This looks great!

How would it be look if the star was a tad lower?

Don’t sweat the similarities to other flags. This is still a great-looking design, and I love the color scheme

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@ThatOneKirbyMain2568 Not gonna lie, I like the idea, looks pretty cool, even if I'm unused to see these shades of colors on flags.


I would say flip the colors to avoid the Mexico comparison, but red on the right and green on the left if often used in navigation.

Maybe center the star to fit the theme of the North Star better? Although you don’t want to make a Christmas tree, so that might not work.


To be clear, are you suggesting that green should be on left or right, to match nautical/aeronautical practice?

Ships and airplanes display green on the starboard (right) side. Although this would be a neat homage to the practice, I’m not aware if the people of Maine have that strong a connection to shipping or aviation, apart from being a coastal state and at the closest end of the country to flight paths to Europe.


Good start! My constructive criticism would be that the flag’s color design is almost identical to Mexico’s flag.
I like the tree but I think the branches shouldn’t spread as much. And while I know Texas doesn’t own the star, that lone star on a flag makes me think of Texas first, rather than Maine.


Just make it in honor of Mexico, Maine

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Thanks for the feedback!

I've honestly never thought of the Mexico comparison, though I can kinda see it now. I think the buff center and the pine tree are enough to differentiate it from the Mexican flag, though I may flip the green and red.

The tree design was taken directly from Maine's ensign, and the star position came from Maine's old flag. As for the Texas point, the lone star is used in other U.S. state flags, like those of Arizona and California (and North Carolina but that one does just look like a Texas flag ripoff), so I don't think it's unfitting to use it here, especially since it was on the old flag.


You could try inverting them, or perhaps (albeit space becomes constrained) try running the tricolor laterally.

Or maybe use blue instead of red? Blue has been a secondary color on previous Maine flags, such as the one you linked.

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  • The pine tree in the middle is taken from Maine's ensign and is a prominent symbol of Maine.
  • The pine green stripe represents Maine's forest.
  • The star in the top left is taken from Maine's old flag and represents the North Star, which itself symbolizes Maine's motto, "Dirigo" (meaning "I lead").
  • The buff is taken from Maine's old flag.
  • The red symbolizes the state's presence in New England.

EDIT: Fixed an error.

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