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Xcode cannot find metal for some godforsaken reason, so no build on the Mac today.

Over to the work Linux box, then I suppose.

I don't have any experts among my followers who can help me figure out WTF is wrong with metal, do I?

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In other news, this week I've found a 16,600+ LOC file in the "main" monolith which performs the bulk of business logic for the main web (interconnected to other monoliths and -from what I've been told- even way huger PL/SQL scripts with tens of thousands LOC). And this is just one file, of thousands.The file has no comments, is not documented anywhere, the variable names are far from informative, and there's at least one function with way more 1000 LOC. Now go and debug this. XD

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@array at least it is written in so your IDE ( of course!) will have some clues of what it deals with... Unless you've only Maps of Maps of Strings named "data" :-p

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@array considering the jobs offers for #java developers, I would say you do have the choice ;-)

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Freeware: Java Utility Package (Version 2024.05.24) released

  • KHTTPClient: Support for PUT, PATCH, OPTIONS and DELETE methods
  • KSMTPMailer: New mail header X-TLS-Connnection, added TLS host name check
  • K: Many new utility methods
  • Added sample code
  • Some minor code/cleanup and document changes

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I wrote about the latest Ecosystem report from New Relic: - some interesting takeaways. In particular:

1.) Yes, you should definitely be thinking of Java 8 as a legacy version now

2.) continue to lose ground as a vendor (from 75% market share in 2020, to 34.5% in 2022 to 20.8% in 2024) - now just a couple of points clear of Eclipse's Adoptium distribution and Amazon's Corretto,

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people, is Java Concurrency in Practice still the text to brush up on Java concurrency, or has it been surpassed?

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Happy Birthday, !

29 years and going strong!

How has Java inspired you?

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What is data-oriented programming and how does it work in ? After Brian Goetz first described it in his seminal article "Data-Oriented Programming in Java" in June 2022, I propose a revised version 1.1 and give detailed advice on how to implement it in a six-part article series on

Here's the first part with the revised four guiding principles:

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Proposed to target JDK 23: JEP 481: Scoped Values (Third Preview):

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Targeted to JDK 23: JEP 477: Implicitly Declared Classes and Instance Main Methods (Third Preview):

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We're hiring! The Java Platform Group is responsible for developing the JDK. Most work is in open source (OpenJDK). This opening is for the Java Security Libraries team in the US or in Ireland.

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@pears des questions si on voulait créé une instance #Java. Est-ce qu'on peut faire des trucs un peu riches genre indexer stackoverflow mais que les questions avec un tag java ?

Comment faire pour réutiliser le fait qu'un anglophone va vouloir des ressources en anglais alors qu'un français peut lire du français et de l'anglais ? Deux instances (la francophone tapant aussi sur l'anglophone) ?

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As it turns out efficiency actually matters:

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Proposed to target JDK 23: JEP 471: Deprecate the Memory-Access Methods in sun.misc.Unsafe for Removal:

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Proposed to target JDK 23: JEP 482: Flexible Constructor Bodies (Second Preview):

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Proposed to target JDK 23: JEP 480: Structured Concurrency (Third Preview):

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Sometimes, when I talk to frontend developers about how requires you to have more presentation awareness in the projection side of your server application as you generate content in HTML, which in the world is pretty much what we did with , Freemarker and Thymeleaf, I'm met with amazement.

No dis, but be aware: There's a generation of capable professional frontend developers who don't know backend servers can serve HTML just fine, and not just Json over HTTP.

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🕹️ Title: UnCiv
🦊️ What's: A ~ libre TB strategy game & Empire building, inspired by Civ V
🏡️ -
📖 Our entry:

🥁️ Update: 4.11.11➜13
⚗️ New features 💎
📌️ Changes:
🦣️ From:


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Testing Spring Boot Applications Demystified by Philip Riecks is free with a Leanpub Reader membership! Or you can buy it for $9.00!

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Freeware: Java Package ch.k43.util (Release 2024.05.17)

  • KSMTPMailer: New class to compose and send multipart SMTP email with text, HTML and file attachments
  • KSocketServerThread: Added getAuthenthicatedClientCN() to return common name
  • KSocketClient: Added getAuthenticatedClient() and getAuthenticatedClientCN()
  • KFile: Added readPropertiesFile() and writePropertiesFile()
  • K: Added dnsQuery() to return any DNS record

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The library 1.3.0 is released! PushGateway support is back.

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Modern Thymeleaf Bundle by Wim Deblauwe is the featured bundle on the Leanpub homepage!

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