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Learn how to handle rows in R containing specific strings using base R's grep() and dplyr's filter() with str_detect(). Select or drop rows efficiently and enhance your data manipulation skills. Give it a try with your datasets for better data cleaning and organization.

#DataScience #RProgramming #Coding #R #RStats #Programming #Data #Strings

Post: https://www.spsanderson.com/steveondata/posts/2024-05-23/

doctormo, to python
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I'm slowly making my way through a 8 thousand line python addition to 's library for parsing text and font elements in properly. It's important and useful, but it's also a lot.

I'm not sure how to say "please run pylint over your code because my eyes hurt trying to read this". without sounding like an ungrateful jerk. 😅

professorhank, to cpp
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Come check out my latest C++ video. Leave a note in the YouTube comments letting me know how I did.


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I'm doing some monitor shopping and am looking for recs. I do , so I look at code and browsers all day. Priority is for screen real estate and text sharpness. There's a budget, but it's sizeable enough to not be a (big) factor here.

Anyone have big recs or feelings?

My top 4 frontrunners are https://www.displayspecifications.com/en/comparison/a8752b4ad3

SergKoren, to programming
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Do people still do pair-programming? I was a big proponent back in the day.

stevensanderson, to programming
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Want to split numbers up, because why not? I go over this in todays post using gsub() and strsplit() functions from base R.

Post: https://www.spsanderson.com/steveondata/posts/2024-05-22/



ilmai, to programming
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Lukewarm take: every supposedly simple solution to a problem just means you’re pushing the complexity somewhere else. There are no simple solutions to complex problems.

davidbisset, to programming
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"Clever code is probably the worst code you could write... and clear, readable code is probably the hardest to write."


reillypascal, to Blog
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I did a write up of setting up Webmentions on my site! I had mentioned it earlier, but there was one stumbling block that took me longer to figure out.

Webmentions let me get notified when people share my posts, respond to my comments on other sites, etc., and lets me use my site for a lot of the kinds of interactions I'd otherwise have to do on social media.


stevensanderson, to programming
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I will be updating my healthyR.data package soon as well as my TidyDensity. Here is some news of new functions for healthyR.data:


#R #RProgramming #RStats #Data #Coding #Programming #Healthcare #HealthcareData #healthdata

stevensanderson, to programming
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Need to split your data into groups based upon some vector in R? Well I got you covered today!

I go over base R, dplyr and data.table :)

Post: https://www.spsanderson.com/steveondata/posts/2024-05-21/



CGM, to tcl
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The second beta release of Tcl/Tk 9.0 is now available - https://www.tcl-lang.org/software/tcltk/9.0.html
#tcl #tcltk #programming

kubikpixel, to rust
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matdevdug, to programming
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One job interview question I try to ask that I strongly recommend people copy is “can I see your list of pages?” Ideally the full list from PagerDuty but whatever you can get is good.

This tells you everything you need to know about the team you are joining. See a lot of pages that repeat and are snoozed forever? If a team isn’t empowered to fix alerts that wake them up, that means they’re not empowered to do much of anything.

What’s funny is people who try to track and account for pages instantly know why I’m asking, but if you don’t care often they’ll let me see the whole list which is amazingly informative.

cashwasabi, to gamedev
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It really feels that the GameDev community is either closed source or people using one of the big 4 engines out there. I know there's some other projects but where is all the good stuff? There's a lot of people talking about game dev progress but not so much about engine development. Shouldn't we also understand the basics?

sirlan, to programming

just now thought about something

scratch, the 'language' for teachings kids the basics of , has better first class support for async work than a bunch actual programming languages

leanpub, to programming
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NEW! A Leanpub Frontmatter Podcast Interview with Phil Sturgeon, Author of Surviving Other People's APIs | Watch here: https://youtu.be/KxDT3kXS82w

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vascorsd, to programming
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vascorsd, to programming
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All you nutcases still using , what's actually wrong with it?

aka What are the sharp edges?


@tripleo You’re thinking of ’s “taint mode” (stop your teenage giggling), where outside data is untrusted unless it’s the extracted subpattern match in a .

It’s only enabled under certain conditions. Read about it in the perlsec manual page: https://perldoc.perl.org/perlsec#Taint-mode


@tripleo Like I said in https://social.sdf.org/@mjgardner/112476483573909633, the only feature built in to for untrusted data is taint mode.

You might have heard of it or used it 25 years ago with simple scripts (and that still works!) but as I said in https://social.sdf.org/@mjgardner/112481166820565063, it breaks a lot of modern code.

It’s also no silver bullet: a taint failure is a fatal exception and it’s up to the developer to handle that gracefully.

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