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The people's movement that helped force a Liberal shift on Gaza policy

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Ransomware feared as IT 'issues' force Octapharma Plasma to close 150+ centers

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"How a network of repair ships helps maintain the estimated 800,000 miles of undersea internet cables. Of the 77 cable ships, only 22 are designated for repair"

This is a very good piece on how the invisible seafaring industry that is keeping the internet afloat, bit at the same time, cable ships are breaking down and need to be replaced instead of repairing. Not a good sign.

#RighttoRepair #internet #ships #cables #network #sea

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Seven has no point now, except as a symbol of everything rotten in the media

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Something fishy going on in NBN land? Two of the Katanning POI seem to have no traffic.

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Watch What Happens: Our Favorite Vintage Bravo Moments


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Katie Couric Breaks Down 'Old Boys Network' Days of 'Inter-Office Schtupping,' 'Sexist' Attitudes From Today Show

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Lisa Wilkinson says 'I published a true story about a rape' after Bruce Lehrmann defamation case ruling

#network #truestory

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Together with Nokia, Nikhef and CERN we have tested the speed of data transfer between CERN in Geneva and Amsterdam.

A data rate of 800Gbit per second was achieved on the 1648-kilometre fibre-optic connection.

This means the connection is suitable for the future transmission of large-scale data streams, such as those from CERN's particle accelerator.

Want to know more about the network connection? Read more:


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Inspector General's reports find massive issues in rollout of "Delivering for America" restructuring of US Postal Service

#inspectorgeneral #network

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▶ More LEAKED Trump Mar-a-Lago Footage is OFF-THE-RAILS

#network #trump

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Hey! Let's talk about and !

If you've ever looked at SSH server logs you know what I'm about to say: Any SSH server connected to the public Internet is getting bombarded by constant attempts to log in. Not just a few of them. A lot of them. Sometimes even dozens per second. And this problem is not going away; it is, in fact, getting worse. And attackers' behavior is changing.

The graph attached to this post shows the number of attempted SSH logins per day to one of @cloudlab s clusters over a four-year period. It peaks at about 3.4 million login attempts per day.

This is part of a study we did on our production system, using logs of more than 640 million login attempts, covering more than 1,500 hosts on our side and observing more than 840 thousand incoming IP addresses.

A paper presenting our analysis and a new, highly effective means to block SSH brute force attacks ("Where The Wild Things Are: Brute-Force SSH Attacks In The Wild And How To Stop Them") will be presented next week at by @sachindhke . The full paper is at

Let's dive in. 🧵

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First things first: everyone "knows" that most brute force attacks are against the "root" account, right? This is certainly what earlier studies have found.

As it turns out, this used to be true, but it's not anymore. This graph shows that the fraction of brute force attacks using the username root was nearly 100% back in 2017, but it's been falling - by mid-2021, only around 20% off the attacks we saw were against root.

So, why? Well, we don't have a hotline to the attackers, but we have an educated guess from our own data and from many others' reporting: a lot of the usernames we see correspond to default usernames for , specific distributions, specific server software, and devices. Basically, as we connect ever more stuff to the Internet (and generally try to protect the "root" account), attackers seem to be diversifying the accounts they are going after.

(There's a table of the top 100 usernames in the paper.)

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This Influential Conservative Group Is Making it Harder for Idaho Districts to Fix Their Schools

#conservative #network

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Who is Mark Llewellyn, the veteran journo and mysterious 'bald head' in the Bruce Lehrmann saga?


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Anyone got an idea what could cause irregular lag on an machine on a wired network?
We already ruled out cable, NIC and such stuff and system usage is fine, same with iotop and journalctl. We really are out of ideas.
VoIP tools lag behind (some sentences are send directly, some are only received by participants after up to 3 seconds) as well as games which act like lag spikes but without the latency going ham. Wireshark reports basically no dropped packages. .

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In Ukraine if Black Tulip can't bring the bodies of loved ones home, no one can

#network #ukraine

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There are 29 new Montreal bike paths and cycling projects planned for 2024


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