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#PhD student in #ComputerScience in #BostonMA USA, + grad certificate in #bioinformatics

#DataVis for exploratory analysis of high-dimensional data: #genomics #proteomics #xai #MachineLearning #HCI

Love plants and hiking 🌻🏞️🌿🪻🪴

Frmr researcher at UVM #ComplexSystems #NetworkScience
BFA #Design / MFA #EmergentMedia 🎨

#UAW #Unionize your workplace

Header img: Illustration of the HIV vaccine by David S. Goodsell

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KhouryVis, to random
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For those who don't already know: the students of the @KhouryVis lab participate every week in a "music league", anonymously upvoting each others' songs submitted on a particular theme.

This week: data vis album art! While we're voting... do you have any favorites of your own?

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kristinHenry, (edited ) to random
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Hey vis.social folks!

We could use some more help on our "part-time" moderators team.

Academics, Artists, Creative Coders, and more! We seek diversity of fields and backgrounds.

Especially if you're up to date on current AI tools, so that it's easier to spot posts on our Local Timeline that should have a CW.

Here's our application form: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSeCflISwvcYXOtAxEhRlI80xLPdoIUy2j1_GGW0Mg8rofRUJQ/viewform?usp=sf_link

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@kristinHenry is the intention to auto-flag posts based on keywords? Because I'm curious to know where the line is drawn with respect to the AI CW policy: is "linear regression" something that should be tagged as AI? "Principal Component Analysis"? "Dimensionality reduction"? "Binary classifier"? or is it specifically about the tools that are owned/created by companies like ChatGPT, MidJourney, HuggingFace APIs, etc. In the former case, I worry that this restricts a lot of solidly on-topic work

janeadams, to random
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vis.social question: All of TVCG should count for the Vis category on CSrankings, no?


It doesn't seem to make sense to add each edition of the journal in piecemeal as people make PRs

2016 discussion: https://github.com/emeryberger/CSrankings/pull/77

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@dr_pi oh this is a huge help, thank you so much! I had a very oversimplified mental model 😅

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@Birdbassador ah that's right, I do remember seeing non-TVCG papers at VIS 😵‍💫

janeadams, to random
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Oh wow I finally got a weighted blanket because I have spent my whole life sweating through summers under the safe embrace of a subzero down comforter and whooeee this is amazing I feel so secure and yet so cool 😎

sinbad, to random
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Looking up guides on Elite Dangerous and constantly getting advice that says “the minimum you need to be effective is insert equipment with a price tag of 10 million credits” which is not that useful 🙄

Reminds me of the “you could buy a house if you stopped eating avocado toast” line of financial advice

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@sinbad This reminds me of the time Eve Online players destroyed more than 300k USD of digital ships:


dev, to random
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Me, a year ago: I’m so glad they’re building high density housing right in downtown. Without the parking minimums, it’ll be perfect for students and transit, this kind of high density walkable urbanism is what’s needed.

Me, checking the status in a year: no, not like that

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@regehr @dev and so close to attractions -- only a quick 2.5 hour drive from the chapel at the geographic center of the contiguous United States, if you manage to dodge the tornadoes!

Tiny chapel in a flat green field. Approximately 6 feet wide and 10 feet deep
Interior of tiny chapel the size of a bathroom or dorm room

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@dan @regehr @dev Haha I hadn't heard that! I just know it from an article I read once (I don't think it was this one, but similar vibe) based on the Jeep ad that Bruce Springsteen made there for the Superbowl: https://kansasreflector.com/2021/06/28/what-i-learned-on-my-pilgrimage-to-the-u-s-center-chapel-in-kansas/

rahulbot, to random
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Computation social science Q: what do you find is the best research option for a contemporary dataset quantifying partisanship of US online news media sources? Our internal Media Cloud options used social-sharing-based metrics we can no longer replicate so they're dated. Thx for any recommendations.

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@rahulbot I usually check AdFontes and AllSides -- curious to hear your thoughts on these. I prefer the 2-dimensional approach of Ad Fontes, but they really are pushing a subscription model pretty hard these days.

I was surprised when AllSides moved AP into the "left" category, because it was "center" for a very long time. You can see their decisions and history for each publisher.

AdFontes itself seems to favor left, and AllSides seems to favor right, so I cross-check 🤷‍♀️


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@rahulbot Hmm that I don't know -- I don't do CSS anymore. When I was at UVM Computational Story Lab (https://compstorylab.org/) four years ago, we were using Twitter and PushShift for raw data, but they lost access after I left.

I could see an approach of doing something like a wordshift graph (https://ryanjgallagher.github.io/code/word_shift/overview) of a bunch of articles with scores scraped like in the tabl at the bottom here: https://adfontesmedia.com/aol-com-bias-and-reliability/

Maybe reach out to them with a proposed project and see what they say?

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@rahulbot You might also have overlapping research interests with @mstringer who makes @FrontPagesBot :)

miguel, to random
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considering dating again. what do women enjoy for first dates? i prefer activities like walks, museums —spaces that allow for movement and connection. i don’t like food/drinks for the first date. feels too “job interview-y”. these general ideas are inspired by esther perel & logan ury.

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@miguel I agree, walks/museum over food/drinks! However, food/drink can be a walk destination, like "let's walk through this park to get coffee at x cafe". Just make sure for first dates the walking locations are public / well populated -- unfortunately most women I know don't feel safe hiking for a first date with a stranger. Other good activities are board game cafes, paint & sip, pottery, bowling, food at a place with live acoustic background music to watch, gardening/ bike repair class, etc

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@miguel Ahh I'm not much help I think, my partner and I met through friends / school. I feel like despite a lot of dates happening through apps, not much long-term datING happens that way. Apps encourage a sort of "fungible people" mindset I think. Building community is a good approach, and then also letting your friends know that you are looking / open to suggestions if they have other single friends / coworkers / etc. If you're learning new skills and making new friends, it's not time wasted 🤷‍♀️

joemurph, to random
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I finished this graphic on diss tracks Wednesday but it required so many more edits after that... diss tracks kept dropping... the actual graphic explains many of the diss tracks (and is #accessible), check it out: https://www.nbcnews.com/pop-culture/pop-culture-news/hip-hop-diss-track-saga-kendrick-lamar-drake-battle-rcna149995

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@joemurph How do chord diagrams like this work with a directed graph? Is it just summing both directions?

arstechnica, to random
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AI in space: Karpathy suggests AI chatbots as interstellar messengers to alien civilizations

Andrej Karpathy muses about sending a LLM binary that could "wake up" and answer questions.


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fraying, (edited ) to random
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@fraying a good antidote to a "cut jobs until something breaks policy" is a "quiet quit until they hire more people" policy 😉

tiago, to networkscience
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New on the arxiv: “Network reconstruction via the minimum description length principle"


Short explainer thread: 1/N

#network #networkscience @networkscience

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@tiago @networkscience I'm getting a 404 on that link!

Correct link: https://arxiv.org/abs/2405.01015

chrisamaphone, to random
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since we’ve all agreed here that post and toot are synonyms, we can now talk about things like:

  • the toot office
  • tootmodernism
  • toot hoc committees
  • tooter children
  • posthaches
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@chrisamaphone Bayesians love talking about tooterior probability

janeadams, to random
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"A lobster is a tree
that reduces to a caterpillar
when pruning all leaf nodes.

A caterpillar is a tree
that reduces to a path
when pruning all leaf nodes."

What's everybody's favorite documentation poetry?

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Oh another good one:

"Anything not saved will be lost."

  • Nintendo quit screen
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@csilverman Oh wow so stoic haha I love it

janeadams, to random
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I won the 2024 Northeastern College of Computer Sciences PhD service award! Feeling so honored to have had an opportunity to work with faculty over the past year on their NSF CAREER grant proposals, and serve on program committees for altVIS, VISxAI, HCxAI, SciPy, CSCW, and soon also VISAP 🥰


janeadams, to random
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On Thursday morning, I'll be guest lecturing on at the May Institute for Computation and Statistics for and at Northeastern !

Learn more and register here: https://computationalproteomics.khoury.northeastern.edu/

janeadams, to Mac
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Idk who needs to hear this but if you're trying to use port 5000 on your and it's not working since your last update... It's because AirPlay silently hijacked that port in the Monterey update. You can disable AirPlay in settings to get it back 🥴

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