Testing this inspired client… 👀


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Together with emotes they're really great for larger communities since they also allow sorting by flair.

For us over at /r/thegoldengator allows posters to pick one for each streamer or focus, if the post is

  • artwork
  • video
  • photo
  • clip
  • highlighting a specific character

For smaller communities though they're probably redundant.

Cragsand, (edited )

Howdy everyone!

I'm Cragsand, washed up roleplayer and science nerd. I'm mostly involved in Twitch streaming communities and post content and highlights and memes related to them over on Reddit.

Currently checking out open source and federated alternatives with the whole Reddit charging obscene amounts for API access, basically killing off all of their third party clients.🔥 Glanced at Lemmy but had some concerns regarding the bigger instances... Another project I checked out was KBin which looks promising but has some work cutout to improve their UI.

The subreddit I'm mostly involved in is this streaming/roleplay subreddit:

Would sharing comedic and sometimes mature/borderline nsfw clips and similar even fit in here? Not sure if this is the right place to ask either but appreciate advice! 😉



Cragsand, (edited )

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