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Wait, where does the idea come from that the 10 commandments are the foundations of the USA law? The first four of the commandments are about worship. That last commandment and capitalism aren't compatible with each other.

#Bible #Commandments #Louisiana

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It doesn’t have to be this way. We don’t have to let the MAGA extremists on the Supreme Court get away with whatever they want. Contact your senators and tell them it’s time to take action against this corrupt SCOTUS:

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@indivisibleteam Senator John Kennedy is part of the corruption so will not lift a finger

FaithinBones, avatar

@dcdeejay @indivisibleteam most of his constituents are controlled by their church. A lot of churches in try to influence voters and unfortunately we have too many apathetic voters to stop it. Contacting Colonel Cornpone is useless. He votes the way he’s told to vote

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In 2022 SCOTUS ruled 6-3 that public school teachers & other staff can lead students in prayer.

Now Louisiana will require all schools that receive public funding to display the Ten Commandments, including colleges and universities.

If it’s prayer these guys want, if you’re a public school teacher who wants to learn the Islamic call to prayer, i.e. the Adhaan, to teach your students, let me know.🙃

jadugar63, avatar

The ain’t that bright. Once the demands that they’d like their prayers in schools, this nonsense will get .

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