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What do you think about having a bot for nightly builds to test the latest changes and discover regressions?

Hey everyone, I was wondering what you think about having a bot for nightly builds to test the latest changes and discover regressions. This would allow some instances to test the latest changes and discover regressions so that we don’t get stuck with those until the next big release. I think this would be a great way to...

I deleted my accounts on other instances. One of them indeed is seen as empty (so fine by me), but the other one still has all my posts on from the perspective of my new instance.

I deleted them at about the same time, both on different instances. One is empty, from perspective of my new instance, but the other one shows all the posts. What am I supposed to do? I share some of my personal stuff online as means of venting so I can possibly reflect through unbiased responses from strangers and I’m...

Lemmy RFCs (github.com)

We created a new repository for host requests for comment. It is based on the Rust RFC repo and meant to describe how major new features can be implemented. In this way more people can get involved in the discussion, without having to know Rust or getting lost in implementation details. If there is a major new feature you would...

I'm really excited about this upcoming feature: Adding a scaled sort, to boost smaller communities. (github.com)

I haven’t used the All tab in forever because I got tired of blocking meme communities, hopefully I will be able to use it again with this filter, although I would prefer it it was something like the Top filter instead of the Hot one so I could see Top things from each community with the time filters available for hours, days,...

That feeling when you're googling the answer to some technical question, and your own Lemmy post appears 4 results down. (lemmy.one)

Hopefully this kind of content is ok here. Up until recently, when I would be searching for some kind of technical info, the top (and best) results would usually all be Reddit posts. I was very pleasantly surprised to do that this time and find a Lemmy post instead!...

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