iamgerardthomas, to bluesky
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It’s interesting just how many of my followers have ‘dormant’ accounts. Many came over in the artist exodus from TwiX, stayed a bit and then went elsewhere. It’s a shame, as there are many great folks in that list. I know a lot are active on that baffling place , so why have they left the ? What was the lack of appeal?

seanb, to fediverse
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Have you heard about ? Using this free service, I have been able to link my four publications to the so that each now has a handle that can be followed on and other platforms. Here they are:

  • sports: @sportsguysean.substack.com@web.brid.gy
  • Glengarry county: @glengarry.substack.com@web.brid.gy
  • general interest: @thisnthat.substack.com@web.brid.gy
  • opinion: @seanbray.substack.com
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"We believe there is an opportunity to help verify the online identities of American officials. Hosting a Mastodon server on .gov domains is one possibility. 10x will explore this changing internet landscape, validate the extent of the problem, and identify if government technologists can play a positive role in solving it."


via https://stefanbohacek.online/@krusynth@mastodon.publicinterest.town/111978278463859793

BeAware, to random
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People REALLY like to argue in bad faith here.

chiefgyk3d, to fediverse
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To whoever keeps posting this fediverse spam on all the servers, your mom’s a ho

NikaShilobod, to mastodon
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deadsuperhero, to threads
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I think coming into the , and taking off as its own network, might create the pressure and motivation we need to fix what's missing in ActivityPub.

A lot of people are doing super important work right now, creating proposals and extensions, case studies, and doing research on how we can extend the protocol. That's great!

I think we need our feet held to the fire in order to come together, and try to solve a bunch of problems like Identity, Data Portability, Privacy Controls, and Discovery. It might be enough to push for 2.0.

damon, to fediverse
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I think a lot of my frustration with some of the “consent based” social networking pushers is the lack of consistency. Those same people don’t want to utilise software that will grant them the experiences they desire, instead they want to argue and fight in an attempt to force others. Why not use and others that have more control? Or join spaces that have allow list federation?

lardmotel, to mastodon
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OK so BlueSky just announced federation. At this point the Mastodon submarine rocks back and forth and men run from side to side.

But seriously. It’s time for sensible debate. I am pro federation because I’m sick of posting in both places. I’m sure there are good reasons to keep up the barrier as well.

genominc, to fediverse German
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Gute Nacht , träumt alle was schönes

wjmaggos, to bluesky
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Is there an explainer of how the and decentralization models compare? thanks.

ArtThatMakesYouSmile, to Birds
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Someone needs to open a modern style internet cafe that's also a bar and call it...The Activity Pub

...I'll see myself out.

bartesius, to Dog Italian
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ᗣ ᥒᥱω ƒɾɩᥱᥒᑯ oᥒ tᖾᥱ ꙆoᥒᥱꙆყ ɾoᥴƙ. (ᗣ ᥒᥱω ƒɾɩᥱᥒᑯ ⳽ᥱɾɩᥱ⳽)

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If you are interested in learning more about the spam wave that happened starting on Feb 15, do read @cappy's incident report. Very detailed breakdown.


This part really stood out:

"荒らし共栄圏 (ctkpaarr) is a CCP-themed Japanese troll group mainly made up of middle schoolers. They are most active on Discord."

I mean, middle schoolers? What heck is wrong with these kids.

mdmrn, (edited ) to mastodon
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"Fediverse? More like FediWORST, am I right?"
-Someone complaining about Fedi while not actually being on Fedi


urda, to fediverse
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The might be my final bastion of sanity,

Probably not good!

mdmrn, to fediverse
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Keep being helpful to folks who are new to Mastodon

Don't be a gatekeeper.

Be a door opener.

Or something.

admin, to fediverse
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🗨️ "If funders, developers, businesses, and 'influencers' start prioritizing investing in safety, the fediverse can turn what's currently a big weakness into a huge strategic advantage. ... The largest software platforms in today's fediverse haven't prioritized safety in the past; neither has the protocol."

📝 We're proud to prioritize user safety and hope your server does, too.

🔗 Read "Steps towards a safer fediverse" from @nexusofprivacy:


wjmaggos, to fediverse
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Another great piece by @Teri_Kanefield. To paraphrase her, we can't eliminate misinformation. We have to give people raincoats. So true thanks to the internet, but doubly so if we believe in an where we the people decide what information and opinions should go viral.

beardedtechguy, to fediverse
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I don’t what’s worse, Threads federating or Bluesky federating.


hrefna, to security
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It's worthwhile to expand on a point to @devnull that I made: "preventing the sending server from seeing the IP" is a mostly* BS justification for local caching of media.

Broadly speaking:

  1. Inconsistency around security policies is a recipe for dramatic, consequential failures.

  2. Users are not notified if this is a feature, and clients and servers can both override it.

  3. You probably* don't want it anyways.

  • I'll get into the caveats on these at the end.


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recent noteworthy software :

  • @midzer made a beautiful tabbed interface for the front page lettings you select "local items only", "all" items or the classical frontpage items. it looks much cleaner now.
  • fixed a bug in federation with mastodon 4.2.7

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As spam comes in we will block the servers on the . Please be patient this is happening across the whole fedi and we are working on better ways to address it.

hesgen, to mastodon
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Nearly four days of downtime on this mastodon instance, qoto.org, and it's still broken. There was no sticky warning on the app of the host migration or updates, so I've no clue what's going on.

Is this normal for Mastodon, at least on the non-corporate instances? If so, I don't see the platform having a future. Site owners don't owe us anything, but for users, it's not worth the hassle. Social media can not function like this.

Maybe I should call it quits and set about engaging properly with Bluesky.

Please don't advise me to create my own instance. I have a life and try to live some of it away from a screen.


@hesgen One of the huge issues I have with / / is that it is engineered to be completely centered around instances, unlike other platforms.

And so this is one downside of that decision. When the instance goes down, it really messes with users.

It's why I emphasize that this platform is not decentralized but rather it is centralized around instances. Federated, not decentralized.

did not make the same design choice.

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